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                                           TOKYO’S FIFTH 
 Product Details
                        This CD has a touch of old music with the violins sounds,and we fill like crayng in some musics of
                        We fell in this review that
the voice of Rosenthal sounds common(we dont know if only in this
CD…because we are seeing only this one…),common and so dramatic!
                        We think that the side Country is not      evident…maybe a diferente style…
                        Musics of this one:1-This sheep will sail.2-Waste of a heart.3-Mullbery Place 
  4-What did I use to be? 5-The Immigrant  6-Helter Skelter 7-Killaloe.-8-Smoke and  mirrors.
9-We put you down.10-Thank you,you’re beautiful.
The Rosenthal’s music don’t give us the emotion necessary to like of
this CD-please ,pay attention -of this CD!!!I Don’t know if it was the
choice of musics or the kind of show it to us…particularly to me and
my wife!This time is what our ears,brain and soul is sayng to us…Again
,we listen and pay attention in the musics to understand if it
something with our fellings in a momment…we criticize ours
minds,discuss,and put a end in our doubts!
                       After listen with focus
in our work and decide our position…
                       Waste of a heart is one that we recognize country roots-is a good one,but if we do this song -we do a little diferente…if we have this possibility…
                       So,finnaly,this CD is common and have a diferente style in our appreciation!
                      Killaloe beggings well,but to the middle to the end dont give us emotion.
                      Not personal against Rosenthal but
our position! I know that another Works of this singer can be very well,but this one is common to us.

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