Timmy Brown The Way You Look Tonight

Timmy Brown Releases New Single and Music Video

“The Way You Look Tonight”

Country singer/songwriter Timmy Brown can feel the love in the air with wedding season just around the corner, and has released his fitting new single “The Way You Look Tonight” and the track’s accompanying music video.

The tender single delivers a lush instrumentation that balances perfectly with Brown’s acclaimed vocal precision as he delivers moving lyrics about all the feelings a groom encounters when he sees his future standing before him, punctuated by a chorus that closes with the candid admission that “…baby I’m all in tonight.”

“I had wanted to write something that captures the essence of the romance and gratitude couples experience on their wedding day for awhile, and this is really the perfect time for it,” Brown says. “It’s the kind of song that my fans and listeners everywhere can share with their significant others and friends, and it’s also perfect for a memorable first dance at weddings.”

Brown conceptualized the official music video for “The Way You Look Tonight,” which enhances the song’s homage to marriage, weddings and all things love. Set against the simple backdrop of white walls and a hardwood floor, it features Brown and his bandmates performing the song in full black-tie attire as professional dancers depict a bride and grown lovingly immersed in a dance.

“The Way You Look Tonight” continues a prolific schedule of new releases for the Massachusetts native this year, during which he is unveiling a new single – each accompanied by visualizers and short-form video content – approximately every six weeks.

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