Thomas Rhett Country Again

Thomas Rhett Country Again

Story by Snehashree Mandal for Country Music News International

Thomas Rhett is the son of the once widely known singer Rhett Atkins. Being always known as Thomas Rhett he never took up his father’s surname and went on to be known simply as Thomas Rhett.

The initial years of his life were all about music but then the demanding career of his father led to the divorce of his father and mother. It was slightly difficult for Thomas to come out of the trauma and in these confusing times, he ended up promising his mother he would never take up singing.

Over the years, as days passed, he realized, music was his calling and that his life was nothing without music. When his mother realized the passion was burning somewhere deep down in his son, she came out and supported him in it.

Thomas started with the drums in his early years, all the way to his junior high school. He also went up on stage with his father and often played alongside. In high school, Rhett was part of a group band called the High Heeled Flip Flops. Somewhere or the other music also happened to Thomas and he too went with its flow. He did join communications in Nashville Tennessee Lipscomb University but then left it to pursue music as his career.

Finally, he took up a publishing deal with Big Machine Label Group to write songs.

It was his debut album “It goes like this,” that was finally visible in the market in 2013.

Get Me Some of That became the second number-one single in early 2014 and was the fourth single of the album.

This was followed by two more albums, Tangled Up, Life Changes, and Center Point Road.

In 2021, Thomas Rhett’s came up with a new album, Country Again, Side A which is a double album got published. Singles like What’s your country song, and Country Again showed up.

For him, his musical influences are The Rolling Stones, rap, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nielson.

Marry Me, 

Craving you

Die a happy man

These are some of his most notable contributions to country music.

Unforgettable reached No.1 in Billboard and centers around a night when a man met his wife.

However, it is not Thomas Rhett and Lauren’s story and is more of an inspired version.

Awards find a place in Rhett’s life


Awards find a place in Rhett’s life as he wins his first Academy with “Die a happy man.”

It was also named song of the year and the first Country Music Association award for Single of the year.

Life Changes was also nominated for Academy Album of the Year and the best country album.

In 2021, Rhett won the CMS best male artist of the year award.

His life is incomplete without the mention of his wife Lauren and his three daughters who made him what he once dreamed to be.

Lauren and Rhett got married and thought of children when Lauren went on a trip with a non-profit organization to Uganda.

When Rhett saw Lauren’s photo with a child, he put forth the idea of adoption forward.

Lauren agreed to it readily and while the lengthy adoption process for their first child was underway, Lauren discovered she was pregnant with her child.

The couple recently had their third child.

Lauren was the inspiration behind Die a happy man. She seemed to have been the one with whom he conceived the song and he enjoyed every bit of the song with his wife.

As he keeps climbing up his way, the best part of his is still to become. He is one of those men who would not rest till they have completed their mission here on Earth.


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