The WannaBeatles – Fab Fan Memories

CD Review: The WannaBeatles with Louise Harrison – Fab Fan Memories: The Beatles Bond


by Joanna Demee for Country Music News International


Early Moments and Memories 7:55

February 9, 1964 Stories7:09

Favorite Beatle 3:54

In Our Lives 23:54

Close Encounters of the Fab Kind 11:42

Favorite Beatles Song 2:31

The Beatles Bond 4:05

Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow 4:02

Because They Were Fab 2:58


This album is a tribute CD dedicated to the Beatles. In the first podcast is about fan confessions of their first encounter with Beatles’ music.

George’s sister is the broadcaster of those series and in the second podcast, explained the great hit on Ed Sullivan’s show, and that many people tried to pass and go to meet them by saying that they are the sisters of the Beatles etc. For the Beatles, 09/02, or if I refer to the US date system, 02/09, it’s a special day, then fans describe their own memory of that day.

In the third podcast, fans describe who their favorite band member used to be. In the fourth podcast, and longest of all the podcasts, fans explained about their Beatle lives, their memories they have and how it changed their life. For the broadcaster, the story that she shared was a very authentic memory, of hear being in the ‘Help’ backstage along with the rest of the crew, and each one had been given something to eat but not the main characters. It surprised her how people were thinking of them, and completely forgetting of their primary needs, like they were not humans.

Close Encounters of the Fab Kind, and Favorite Beatles Song. Louise asks which was the closest encounter fans have ever had with the Beatles, as for her it came quite naturally, and which song is their favorite.

The Beatles bond. There is a saying by Will Rogers “I’ve never met a Beatles fan I did not liked” Louise asks if audience believes in this phrase, and if indeed fans have a special bond.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. What do the Beatles mean to you – is the question of this podcast. Fans express their own thoughts and memories to justify their answer.

The last podcast, Louise thanks the fans that help her, and the song Because they were fab plays for the rest of the podcast.





Reporting for Country Music News International

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