The Voice – Underwoods Voice Blows Away Buffalo, NY

not that silly
that has made Blake Shelton famous, I’m talking about the Voice of
Country Music, Carrie Underwood. Underwood blew away the sold out
crowd of nearly 18,000 at The First Niagara Center in Buffalo, NY two
things; great staging and impeccable vocals. Underwood settled into
a fairly modest setting. In a fluffy feathered dress, she played the
title part of her opening song “Good Girl.” As the show
progressed, it became apparent that the only the vehicles on stage
would be the ones appearing on the video screens for her rollicking
version of “Two Black Cadillacs.” We got a revealing costume
change and some down-and-dirty vocals for “Last Name,” as well as
some great country vocals through “Temporary Home” and “Jesus
Take the Wheel.”
about the half way mark of the show, Underwood disappeared through a
trap door. The lights went down … and the stage started rising. In
what had to be the greatest staging gimmick of all time, an entire
section of centre stage rose high above the crowd, very reminiscent
of that ‘back porch’ vibe Alan Jackson is always singing about.
The reggae swing vibe of “Get Out Of This Town” started the set
that was just Underwood her two guitarists and the guy who plays all
the hard instruments; (banjo, fiddle, mandolin). With the stage
making its way to the back of the arena, the crowd at it up and so
did the band. “Nobody Ever Told You” and “American Girl” had
a springy vibe and Underwood did her best Buffett with “One Way
He Cheats” had all the sass and “Cupid Has A Shotgun,” was
equal parts Tanya Tucker and Janis Joplin. To top off the evening and
the apex of her vocal superiority was on the finale “Blown Away.”
Yeah the tornado blowing confetti was amazing but her voice was the
best thing Buffalo has seen or heard all year. Carrie Underwood
proved yet again that a voice and some cool staging makes for a
really fun evening.
(c) by Chuck Schultz photo credit
Kelly E Schultz

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