The one the only Miranda Lambert

A Woman After Our Own Country Hearts

The one the only Miranda Lambert

By Amber Otto for Country Music News International Magazine


Getting back to your roots or never forgetting where you came from seems to be a common theme when considering all things country. That statement couldn’t be any closer to the truth when thinking of Miranda Lambert and her recent appearance at the Grady County Fair. Although the country universe has esteemed the Longview Texan as an authentic woman of country music from her songwriting, to her southern belle accent, and charming vocals with a “take no shit” attitude, Lambert is all around country on and off the stage.

Lambert is often adorned with a beautiful patterned six string, some fringe, rhinestones and her beautiful golden locks accompanied by a cowgirl hat depending on what suits her whilst performing during many of her shows throughout the years. When she’s not pulling the ears of her listeners and adoring fans making them lean in to hear more, Miranda finds comfort in surrounding herself with horses and plenty of them. In a Q & A with horse illustrated in 2009, Lambert shares her early starts with her majestic friends and how they continue to be a part of her everyday life to this day. The singer stated, “I’m on the road a lot, but when I’m home on my ranch in Oklahoma, I try to make time to get out and ride. I always look forward to a few days at home when I can ride–it helps me recharge. When I’m traveling, I have family to look over all of my animals,” (Miranda Lambert Saddles Up – Horse Illustrated). She continued to share that growing up in Texas that a lot of her family attended rodeos which is how she started getting involved in horse shows herself and grew just as much of a passion for them as she did her music. She continued, “I’m definitely more of a recreational rider, but I also just started barrel racing. At the rodeos, I always wanted to see what the barrel racers were up to, so I recently started taking lessons to find out for myself. I have good friends at home who are trainers, and they have helped me so much in understanding this new sport and training properly for it. I have not fallen off yet, knock on wood, and I just did a ranch rodeo. It was really exciting!” (Miranda Lambert Saddles Up – Horse Illustrated).

Though these highlights were from an article of days gone by, Lambert still remains true to “the way she is” and continues fueling that same fiery passion for her horses now as she did back then. On October 12th 2023, the country star took to social media (Instagram) sharing a picture of herself alongside her four hooved comrade, (at the Grady County Fair) sporting a red ribbon in her hand while a blue one accessorized the black mane of a Gypsy Vanner or a domestic horse breed from the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. The “Kerosene” singer shared that it had been four years since her last horse show and was thankful to a friend for getting her and her noble steed back to being show ready.

She makes room for all that she loves on her 400-acre farm just south of Nashville Tennessee including her musical performances and songwriting. She has nine dogs who she is mother to as well as five horses that when she isn’t traveling and performing all over the country she comes home to, to ride. To see images and gain more insight on this captivating piece of heaven, check out the YouTube video shot by Country Fan Cast at Miranda Lambert’s Home and Horse Farm – YouTube.

Just a day after sharing her equestrian wins with the world, Miranda took listeners to her favorite front porch (also on Instagram) and did a cover of country legend Merle Haggard’s “The Way I am.” Her soft but steady guitar playing along with her beautifully woven vocals throughout her strumming, convinces one with how it’s performed that the song was made for and about her. This little snippet just shows the artistry Lambert serves for listeners every time and on a silver platter in her own way. The talent she has speaks for itself when she’s able to put her own stylings on a classic piece of music like this, but still remind us of a time before her own. Another piece of music she does that very same magic in is “The House that Built Me.” Though one may think Miranda had a hand in its origins, this is not the case. Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin. Oddly enough the song was originally written for another country star and ex-husband of the blue-eyed, blond-haired bombshell, Blake Shelton. Luckily for Lambert she heard it first and as destiny would have it recorded it for herself after hearing it.

Besides her way with music, horses, and everything in between, the country sweetheart who ain’t afraid to kick ass when necessary, has so much to be thankful for and shows it in her promotion of her love for dogs in the launching of “Mutt Nation.” This line that she launched back in 2009 alongside her mother Bev, brings dog toys, bed and various other supplies to Tractor Supply as well as highlights rescue animals and the shelters that house them. Lambert hosts adoption drives at country music venues she attends, and has donation drives at each concert she has. I mean is there nothing this talented country music star can’t do?

Well back tracking to her Las Vegas Residency “The Velvet Rodeo” in July this year, one thing some may say she shouldn’t have done was chastise fans that were taking a selfie at her concert (while singing “Tin Man). Since the incident, several artists have given their thoughts as to why or why not Lambert should have acted in this manner. It seems the responses were pretty even as far as the way she handled the situation. If one reads previous to this portion of the article, it is pretty evident that Miranda puts all she is into what and who matters most to her. If you read between the lines, you might even empathize and see how monumental of a song that was, and how concentrating on a selfie might have seemed disruptive to not only Lambert, but those trying to watch her sing it, but being blocked from view by those taking pictures for a lengthy period of time. But that’s the thing with fences. These days or maybe even days of yore, people always are on one side or the other of them. But when you put the music before politics, that all there is, is what should always be, the music.

When taking a good, hard look at all that Lambert has delivered, her love of music will always outshine any shadow of doubt that often comes with a career in the limelight and having a strong mindset and not being afraid to share it. Back in July she announced that she would be adding dates to her Las Vegas residency which will add one show in November and seven in December of 2023.

Tickets for the new 2023 shows go on sale to fan club members on Monday, Dec. 5, at 10AM PT, with the public on-sale beginning on Friday, Dec. 9 at 10AM PT. Citi Cardmembers will also have access to a presale beginning Monday, Dec. 5 at 12PM PT and running through Thursday, Dec. 8 at 10PM PT through the Citi Entertainment program.(Miranda Lambert Adds Dates to Velvet Rodeo Las Vegas Residency | To purchase tickets to see the starlet in concert at her residency become a fan club member or just follow her latest music updates at


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