The Jon Stickley Trio releases new single, “Animate Object”

Known as one of the roots music scene’s most progressive and innovative voices, the Jon Stickley Trio has chosen the groundbreaking “Animate Object” as their first release for western North Carolina’s Organic Records. The single’s intelligent blend of Jazz, Latin, and Dance music is unconventional and alluring, making it a perfect example of the group’s genre-defying twist on acoustic-based music. 

Over its five expansive, yet tightly constructed minutes, “Animate Object” covers a diverse set of grooves and feelings, from the alternating bass lines of Stickley’s guitar and Lyndsay Pruett’s
violin through the contrapuntal fusion feel of a middle section, to the
restless, danceable rhythms of the closing passages. Impressive solo
sections are knit together with the syncopated ebb and flow of new
member Hunter Deacon’s dynamic and supportive drumming.   

world is a swirling collection of objects passing through space and
time. As humans, we have our own orbits that intersect with others as we
live in the world. ‘Animate Object’ explores the idea of different musical orbits coming together to create something unexpected,” says Jon Stickley. “With the addition of Hunter, the Trio’s orbit has shifted, opening our minds to an uncharted musical universe that we are having fun exploring.”

This is the first in a series of singles that the Jon Stickley Trio and Organic Records plan to release in the upcoming months leading up to a full collection of music to come in Spring of 2020. 

About The Jon Stickley Trio

Jon Stickley Trio is a genre-defying and cinematic instrumental trio,
whose deep grooves, innovative flatpicking, and sultry-spacy violin move
the listener’s head, heart, and feet. “It’s not your father’s
acoustic-guitar music—although Stickley’s pop showed him his first
chords when he was 12 years old. Instead, Stickley’s Martin churns out a
mixture of bluegrass, Chuck Berry, metal, prog, grunge, and assorted
other genres—all thoroughly integrated into a personal style,” writes
Guitar Player Magazine. With inspiration ranging from Green Day to Duran
Duran to Tony Rice to Nirvana, Grateful Dead, David Grisman and beyond,
the Trio, which features violinist Lyndsay Pruett and drummer Hunter
Deacon, is making waves with their unique sound. Along with releasing
two full length albums and one EP in the past few years, the Trio has
zig-zagged the nation, though they still call Asheville, NC home.
Stickley says, “The Trio feels fresher and hotter than ever, we’ve hit
our stride in terms of creating tunes that are uniquely us and that’s a
really exciting place to be musically.”

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