10-CD Boxed Set Includes Every Album The Legendary
Band Recorded For Warner Bros. Records Between 1971 And 1983
Available On July 24 From Rhino  
The Doobie Brothers recorded some of the band’s most iconic music
during their dozen years with Warner Bros. Records, scoring major hits
with timeless tunes like “Long Train Runnin’,” “Black Water,” and
“Takin’ It To The Streets.” With 46 million albums sold during their
outstanding career, The Doobie Brothers have nothing left to prove, but
this summer the group is still “Rockin’ Down the Highway” as they tour
North America. 
salutes the group with a new 10-CD boxed set that features some of the
band’s greatest albums. THE WARNER BROS. YEARS 1971-1983 will be
available on July 24 for a list price of $79.98. 
The set includes more than 110 songs from 10 albums: The Doobie Brothers (1971), Toulouse Street (1972), The Captain And Me (1973), What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits (1974), Stampede (1975), Takin’ It To The Streets (1976), Livin’ On The Fault Line (1977), Minute By Minute (1978), One Step Closer (1980), and Farwell Tour (1983).

The Doobie Brothers started out in 1969 as a northern California bar
band. In 1970 the band signed with Warner Bros. and in 1971 released its
self-titled debut album. It was the beginning of a 12-year streak in
which The Doobies released ten new albums. The group’s commercial
breakthrough came with its sophomore effort, Toulouse Street, which boasted popular tracks like “Listen To The Music” and “Jesus Is Just Alright.” The string of hits continued on The Captain And Me with
“Long Train Runnin’” and the classic “China Grove.” The Doobie Brothers
notched their first #1 in the funky “Black Water” from their 1974 album
What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits.

In 1975, the band began to expand Pat Simmons’ and Tom Johnston’s rock
and country influences with R&B and even scored a hit with its cover
the Motown track, “Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While.)” In
1976, with the addition of Michael McDonald to the band, they introduced
more R&B and keyboards to their rocking sound and the hits kept
rolling with the title track from Takin’ It To The Streets. In 1979, The Doobie Brothers won four Grammy® Awards on the strength of its triple-platinum album, Minute By Minute. The final disc in this new collection is the 1983 live album Farewell Tour,
which includes performances of songs that spanned the band’s entire
history to that point. This 10 CD Set represents an outstanding body of
work from one of America’s most popular bands.

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