The Brian Lee Robinson Legacy Project

The Brian Lee Robinson Legacy Project
Brian Lee Robinson is a Texas Singer/Songwriter that has face more
hurdles than most.
At 16 he was diagnosed with Crohn’s
Disease. Something that qualifies most people for disability. But he struggled
to get through Texas A&M, dropping out one semester to have surgery for the
Crohn’s. But he bounced back and finished his degree with honors. But his
career was not in his degree,
He took off to Nashville a year after graduating to pursue his dream of
being a songwriter. Worked as a maintenance man, and Bartender  at a Music Row hotel, until he landed a job at
a publishing company. The Crohn’s Disease continued to haunt him, although
never as bad as before. After a divorce and shortly later being laid off from
the publishing company. He went back to Houston to regroup. Once he got there,
he realized he could not afford to return. He couldn’t find a decent job
because as he said, “Its hard to find a job when they realize you’ve been screwing
around with music for 8 years.”
So, he went back to College to become a Registered Nurse because he knew
he could go back to Nashville and work anywhere with that degree.He delivered
pizza and work as a security guard in Nursing School to pay bills and Child
Support. In the 90’s he was in Memphis to be close to his daughter. Traveled
back and forth to Nashville, and started a Publishing Company with long time
friend and songwriter, Roger Alan Wade. Roger landed a major record deal and
cut an album with 5 of the songs they owned publishing on. But the album was
never released
He started struggling with alcohol, and went through treatment. In 1999,
still struggling with alcohol and Crohn’s Disease, he returned to Houston to
regroup. He quit drinking and continued working as an ICU Nurse. Of course, the
common thread was always songwriting. He said “In Nashville, everybody cowrites
songs together, I had to learn to write alone again”.                                           
Around 2000 he started having a lot of shoulder and knee pain, and by 2005
he started having severe back and neck pain. He discovered that the long term
use of Prednisone, that he had taken for years when first diagnosed with
Crohn’s Disease caused bone deteriorationand Arthritis later in life. It had
saved his life, but he was paying for it now. As the pain got worse, he
continued to work and write songs. 
“Music always kept me going.” By 2013, he had a shoulder replacement,
and recently a discectomy and fusion of 4 of his neck vertebrae. Still
struggling with lower back pain, and being told it was so bad he needed a “Spine
Transplant” He has struggled with depression, as well. He marches on, writing
and singing his songs. “Music is the only thing that keep me going.”
He started the Brian Lee Robinson Legacy Project for several reasons. “1)
We don’t know how long we are going to be in this world, 2) To get my message
of hope out, that we can survive anything if we have a passion for something,
like I do music. And, 3) To help me record my best songs to leave as a legacy
to my children and grandchildren. I have written well over 300 songs in the
last 10 years, not all of them are hits, I am sure. But I have 20-30 that are.”
He plans to record them and pitch them to singers, record himself, or pitch for
movies and TV. He already has one movie cut in a new movie called Surge of
Power, Revenge of the Sequel, as well as a Top Ten hit in Canada, and many
recordings, including cuts by Country Music Hall of Fame members Jack Greene,
Bill Anderson, and Hank Thompson. The Brian Lee Robinson Legacy Project will
“allow me to get my best songs out there before it is too late” Brian Lee
Robinson has faced and overcome things that would have left many hopeless. He
wants to spread his message that we can overcome anything with God at our side,
and a song in our soul.
Writer: Burn Roberts for Country Music News International

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