Tequilla Mockingbyrd – three of a kind!

Tequilla Mockingbyrd – three of a kind!      


This band is young,
dynamic and fresh; they make their way in country music, with their own style
of music, which is very pleasant to listen at.

They actually started, when Tyler Wade and Brandon Wallace were put together,
to play on a festival, both get along quite well and so there have been
thoughts, to work together.
Tyler Wade the
guitarist & vocalist, came from a hard working Texan family, with strong,
moral and also ethic thinking. He has been in the Texas bar scene since the age
of 18. I cite Tyler Wade, he once said, quote, “Music has allowed me
to go to places, meet people and do things I would have never been able to
otherwise, unquote. He knew that he had to work hard, to get what he wants.
One line of a song, tells you the exact words, it called “Rising From Nothing”.
It is more about the fight in the dog, not the dog in the fight.
Then there was Brandon
Wallace, he had to walk the hard way, to become a professional bassist in
country music. He was a former Fire Fighter/Medic for nine years, until a line
of duty injury took his career away from him. He played guitar for quite a few
years, but the accident left him with a nerve damage and partial paralysis in
his hands. He was no longer able to make chords with his left hand. After
several years he discovered the 8 string octave bass, and developed a method of
playing, that allowed him to compensate for his injuries. He is currently the
only bassist in Texas country music that uses one exclusively.
Shortly after Tyler
and Brandon decided to stay together, they found Mikey Leedy, the drummer; he
is the only member that is not from Vernon Texas. He comes from Amarillo and
Mikey is a third generation musician, from a very musically and talented
family. Mikey did bull riding in the circuit, for many years, before he turned
back to his roots as a professional musician. He got a nick name from his fans;
they called him „Animal”!
So after these three
nice guys match perfectly together, they hit the country road!!! They became a
real good combination and flashed the Country scene with their appearance. They
mixed a cocktail of outlaw country, southern rock and Texas country music and
you can call it, a real good mélange. It burned, it was present, and it got
this special kind of brand. 
Those three musicians
are totally different than others, and there music makes them special, in a
real nice way. Sure – the sound is far away from the old country music we know,
but the times are changing, and it is still country music – it rocks! To them
this kind of music – fit like a glove.

There songs tell stories, about the daily life, about struggling and standing
up again. Certain situations, we all had to undergo somehow, one way or
another. They try to walk the audience through emotions and all the memories,
they keep deep inside of them and which they don´t want to lose.
Tyler, Brandon and
Mikey left the one way road and went into another direction; they present their
public a lot of emotion and power, that special kind of feeling that became
rare in today’s country music.
Until June 2014, a new
album called” Afflictions and Addictions” will be released, and they are really
excited about that.
can find
Tequilla Mockingbyrd also at the following links:
on Twitter
Article by Gaby Agrikola for Country Music
News International

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