Tenille Sexy, Hot And With A Big Heart

At 20 years old, Tenille already has an
abundance of experience behind her. At 18, the Grande Prairie native
received the CCMA Slaight Humanitarian award for her work raising
almost $200,000 for Sunrise house, in 2 years, one of the only Youth
Emergency shelters north of Edmonton. 2014 marks the 5th
Anniversary of her Big Hearst for Big Kids Fundraiser for Sunrise
house and to date they have raised almost $550,000.
To Tenille charity work is a big part
of her musical career and is heavily covered on her website
tenille.ca. In 2013, Tenille teamed up with Tim Horton’s and
produced a video and song called “Dare To Be” with proceeds from
downloads and purchases going to the Tim Horton’s Childrens
Foundation. She is also a Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation
ambassador travelling with Chad Brownlee across the country serving
customers at Tim Horton’s restaurants and visiting camps across the
country in 24 hours on Camp Day.
Not one to brag, but she also has gone
to 106 schools in 32 weeks to promote student leadership and to get
the message out there through positive leadership Attributes.
Tenille used her motivational speaking and her music to get the
message out and awarded one student leader $10,000 to be donated to
their favourite charities.
But her musical abilities still shine
through in everything she does, as her star continues to brighten.
Not that being the youngest person to be nominated for CCMA Female
country Artist is anything short of great. She is also the youngest
person to win the CCMA Slaight Humanitarian Award. She also has to
her credit a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, a 2013 Alberta
Country Music Association Award for Fans’ Choice and Female Artist
of The Year and has been nominated for the 2014 CCMA Interactive
artist of the Year. She continues to produce positive messages
through song.
Tenille’s latest album “Light”
was released in March 2013. With the third release off that album,
“Halfway to Somewhere”, now out, who knew that 10 years
earlier, at the age of 9, she would start her music career singing
with her Idol Shania Twain on stage at Rexall Place.
At K-Days, she was singing not more
than a block from where it all began, and in September, she will be
back in Edmonton at the place where it all began Rexall Place,
hopefully, picking up another CCMA award during country week.
At the end of July, Tenille headed to
the Chengdu International Youth Festival. This will be the first
time a Canadian has performed there, since it began the festival
which began in 2007.
Tenille’s mom, Monique, may have said
it best “Kids dream and you wonder if their dreams will come
true,” “Something like this makes you realize dreams really
can come true.” 1993 Shania Twain Concert
Some information gathered from
CC -What has been your most favourite
moment so far in your career?
Tenille: One of my most favourite
moments has been witnessing Big Hearts For Big Kids come together for
the past five years. It has been life changing watching my community
come together to make a difference for the youth shelter in my
hometown in helping to raise over $550,000 in the past five years.
Tell us something that no one knows
about you!
Not a lot of
people know that I always have smiling faces painted on my big
toenails If you catch yourself feeling down and see your toes are
smiling at you, things must be good.
You have performed with a lot of stars
in the music industry, which was your favourite and which one if you
had to do it again would still give you a bad case of nerves.
Singing with
Shania again would be incredible. That was such a dream come true.
Picking any singer to sing a duet with
who would be your choice?
Singing with
Shania again would be incredible. That was such a dream come true.
What is next for Tenille after Chenang
and the Chengdu International Youth Festival?
Next is a few more
summer dates and some time at the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation
camps! I’m excited to head to Kananaskis and Kentucky later this
We did some
digging and we found a quote of yours “I would really like to be
a famous singer. That’s my dream,” (http://www.shaniafans.com
and the http://www.DailyHeraldTribune.com). You were 9 at the time.
Do you think you are any closer now than when you said it?
I definitely hope
I’m closer. Every day, I am reminded how amazing it is to be doing
what I love. I’m so grateful to be able to use music to make a
difference in the world and love how it brings people together.
Have you met Shania since and does she
remember you?
I did have the
chance to meet her last year briefly in Vegas at her show and thank
her for inspiring me to chase my dream. It was a very cool moment!
I think this quote sums it all up for
you and your career so far? “What a Way to Want to Be”
Have you met her since and does she
remember you?
I did have the
chance to meet her last year briefly in Vegas at her show and thank
her for inspiring me to chase my dream. It was a very cool moment!
Ron Palmer for Country Music News International Magazine
Ron Palmer Photography Edmonton Alberta 

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