Teea Goans – All Over The Map

CD Review: Teea Goans – All Over The Map

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

  1. Enjoy The View
  2. Easy
  3. There’s More To Me
  4. Untangled
  5. The Detour
  6. Just Another Day
  7. Story Telling Time
  8. What’s A Girl To Do?
  9. The Beat Of A Backroad
  10. That’s What I know (Feat. Vince Gill)


Nashville has captivated the world with its array of musical talent for many years. Up-and-coming country singer-songwriter Teea Goans, who also comes from Nashville released her brand-new album ‘All Over The Map’ last month on September 17. Her latest album offers ten original and creative new songs which were co-written with the well-known songwriter Jim ‘’Moose’’ Brown.

‘Enjoy The View’ is the title of the first song and it offers a moment to reflect as Teea sings ‘’Look up, take life in/Find the beauty in a sunset’’ which is backed by an intimate two-part harmony, acoustic guitar, and soaring violin part to tug on the audiences’ heartstrings. The song is ultimately about embracing life and making the most of what you have because everything passes in the blink of an eye.

‘Easy’, the title of the second track adopts a gentle and delicate approach towards the music. Much like the opening number, it truly divulges the sombre sentiments. There will not be a dry eye in the room after listening no matter what time of the day or year it is heard. The audience witnesses a sudden injection of pace along with a shift in timbre and dynamics in the third track ‘There’s More To Me’. There is a predominantly straight yet slightly swung 4/4 drumbeat to drive the song from start to finish.

The beat is embellished by violin, fiddle, and electric guitar to truly deliver the country traits that everybody associates with Nashville and the deep south. It is about not judging a book by its cover. This message is delivered across multiple music genres and is a message that transcends all religions and cultures by simply never judging a person by their appearance.

Emotional conflict is on the agenda for the fourth song titled ‘Untangled’. The average listener will be hard-pressed to find an individual who is yet to be caught in the middle of an emotionally conflicted relationship and/or situation that has them either torn or tangled in a web of lies and deceit. ‘’You’re a weight on my soul/Cause I gave you control/Gotta find a way to get untangled’’. Musically, the tempo slows down slightly, and there is a polyphonic timbre throughout the music from an instrumental point of view.

‘The Detour’ brings the album to the halfway point as life is once again restored to the music. Teea takes her audience on an emotional rollercoaster of reflection and optimism. There is a catchy call and response between violin and guitar in the solo which is certainly worth listening to over and again.

‘’You made the sunrise last all morning/And the sunset lasts all night’’ is perhaps the most notable line in ‘Just Another Day’. The music is stripped back instrumentally to accommodate for Teea, who showcases her tessitura and ability to sing falsetto and is accompanied by the piano. She manages to retain and intensify the emotional tension and heartbreak that exists throughout the song.

Other songs such as ‘Story Telling Time’ continues to push the narrative of lies, deceit, disloyalty, and emotional turmoil. ‘What’s A Girl To Do’ feels more like a jazz ballad with the use of brushes instead of sticks on the drums combined with a piano part worthy of fitting into many jazz songs. Teea tells a story similar to how one would often hear it in blues or jazz. The opening line ‘’A corner table/The crowd is gone/It’s a quarter past eight, I’m here all alone’’ depicts an image of suffering and insecurity brought on by a broken relationship and lack of trust.

The final track on the album ‘That’s What I Know’ features Vince Gill. The song is about finding peace by placing her worries and woes in the hands of God. She sings about returning to the simple things that once brought her happiness as a child such as ‘’Grandmas fried chicken’’ in addition to choosing ‘’Love over fear’’.

The lyrics which will resonate most with her international audience is the line ‘’Life’s more than just staying alive’’ which is certainly relevant to ongoing situation and crises around the world right now. The album is definitely bound to be popular, not only with a country audience, but anybody who is able to relate to the sentiments and experiences that Teea sings about in each of her songs. Be sure to stay tuned to her website for upcoming releases and shows in the new year.

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  1. What a great review of Off The Map. Teea Goans is the real thing. A voice for the future of Country Music. Help get that album out there. She deserves a lot of air play.

  2. A great in depth review of Teea’s newly released project. Teea nailed it with this output of her original songs.
    She has earned and deserves to get a lot of air play.

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