Teea Goans – All Over the Map

CD Review: Teea Goans – All Over the Map

by Ritchie Ritchison for Country Music News International


  1. Enjoy the View
  2. Easy
  3. There’s More to Me
  4. Untangled
  5. The Detour
  6. Just Another Day
  7. Story Telling Time
  8. What’s a Girl to Do
  9. The Beat of the Backroad
  10. That’s What I Know (Featuring Vince Gill)


Teea Goans is a neo traditionalist. If you have no idea what that means don’t feel bad. It is just another term in the music industry meant to pigeon hole and categorize music artists into tiny little niches so they can market or not market them depending on what is currently in favor with the establishment at any given time. Teea Goans came on the Nashville scene about the same time and Mo Pitney. They were lumped together as the “future” saviors of country music. Since that time as evidenced by the recent CMA awards which shows that Nashville and country music really have nothing to do with one another anymore, Teea has been relegated to play Larry’s Country Diner and making guest appearances on country legends shows etc.
This is really a shame because as All Over the Map asserts Teaa Goans can be all over the country music spectrum while still maintaining a very traditional sound and holding her own against any female vocalist out there today in country music.

Teea Goans doesn’t need flash or skimpy outfits or purple hair to win her fans. She uses strong songs, possesses an awesome voice and sings with the kind of heart that can make her believable if she were singing the phone book. Someone with Goan’s voice and talent shouldn’t be making “detours” to find her way but instead should be “Enjoying the View” as the opening track of this album states from her rightful place center stage at the Opry or any other country music venue. Story Telling Time, What’s a Girl To Do, and The Beat of a Backroad are every bit as good as anything any major label in Nashville has released and deserves as much airplay as any song currently on the A-List stations. For now though it seems Teea Goans will just have to remain one of the best voices to not be heard in the mainstream in country music.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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