Two Editions: The Essential Collection And Special Edition EP
Coloring Outside The Lines In Musical Creativity Captivating Music Enthusiasts Far And Wide
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 12, 2013)—American recording artist Susan Toney celebrates the release of LOVE IS THE CURE (from Strange Child Records, L.A.) as official in two unique offerings: LOVE IS THE CURE–The Essential Collection, ** a 16-track album, and LOVE IS THE CURE–Special Edition EP, ** a six-track extended play compilation. The independent projects are slated for simultaneous release on September 24, 2013.

Displaying Toney’s singer/songwriter roots and signature sound,
the dual release emulates her influences while satisfying and
translating her embrace of country, pop, rock, and rhythm and blues.
Catering to a canvas of music enthusiasts who crave abstract imagery, to
the most eclectic listener with a palate for thought-provoking lyrics,
and those music lovers who enjoy simpler deliveries cradled in acoustic
guitar, fiddle and steel, Toney is a multi-talented songcrafter with
multi-genre appeal. In the day and age of reaching and feeding the
masses, Toney challenged herself to address and entertain listeners from
all walks of life, from every corner of the country and across the
globe, no matter the age, gender or genre.  
Toney’s LOVE IS THE CURE–Special Edition EP
is Nashville-made branded by pedal steel guitar slides with fiddle
intertwined flattering the singer’s raw and honest vocals, lyrics and
poetic storylines. The full-length collection (LOVE IS THE CURE–The Essential Collection),
showcases Toney’s imaginative abilities to “color outside the lines”
extending her reach far and beyond the conventional defined borders and
boundaries of established genres. The final work spotlights Toney’s
vision and expression as an artist in the purest form—in emotion,
sensibility and contemporary philosophy of mind.
this journey of life, I strive to grow as a person, songwriter and
musician everyday; LOVE IS THE CURE is the product of a life fully lived
and the constant evolution within oneself along the way,”
explains Toney. “These
songs encompass pieces of all of the musical influences that truly
shape me as an artist. I hope to tap into listeners’ feelings and help
them to get in touch with and process them—whether the emotions are raw
and painful, intimate or in conflict.”
the direction of Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer David Z
(Prince/John Mayall/Etta James/Eric Clapton), Toney recorded in her
native Los Angeles and ventured south toward Nashville, Tennessee to
realize her artistic vision in exploration of the endless possibilities
in a musical community where the imagination runs wild and musicianship
bountiful. Music City afforded Toney room to grow and a door wide open
to blossoming, natural and inspired expression. Surrounded by an A-list
lineup of players (including Grammy-nominated Gospel artists The McCrary
Sisters on background vocals), the result is an album rich in Toney’s
profound songwriting of self-reflection and rediscovery in a sonic
intimacy and edginess as a rare product of the “meeting of musical minds
and talents.”
LOVE IS THE CURE is a listening experience about a complex topic–human relationships–and how fragile our hearts and spirits can become in them,” Toney introduces. “As
a spiritual vessel, I am drawn to the beauty of the complexity and hope
to inspire and move emotion and reflection through my music.”
Toney’s talents shine within each carefully crafted song. The LOVE IS THE CURE
title-track enters a bolt of rock-infused electric guitar showcasing
the influences of the mid-nineties L.A. pop rock epoch while the
blues-steeped piano and swanky guitar in the story-driven “Angelina”
offer a haunting moment. As a reflection of her soul and spirituality,
the introspective CD highlights a Sunday morning worship tune laced with
hints of hymnal blues in “When The Storm Comes.”  With
consistent delivery and unwavering openness, Toney’s authenticity shines
in her ability to thread a range of emotions with eclectic styles into a
cohesive and captivating body of work.
Supporting the release of LOVE IS THE CURE and the promotion to Americana and Triple A radio, Toney continues momentum to promote her debut single “The Trail Of Light And Dark” (on country radio now) with Spin Doctors Promotions-Nashville heading up the efforts in this and all formats.
Susan Toney team is comprised of John Bokowski, Jr./Kings Road Group,
Inc.; Music City Media–acting Nashville liaison heading up the country
and Americana media and marketing campaigns while Bridge and Tunnel
Communications heads up the national media campaign; Steve Baker/Visual
Image Marketing will service and promote the corresponding “The Trail Of Light And Dark” music video and Ed Gertler will oversee all digital distribution and social marketing.
Track Listing

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