Eclectic Singer/Songwriter Delivers Alternate
Introspect To The Format
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 21, 2013)—Strange Child Records is pleased to introduce American recording artist Susan Toney.
The multi-talented musician, singer/songwriter and transcendent
vocalist, makes her entry as a mainstay official with her debut single
entitled “The Trail Of Light And Dark** (on radio August 27, 2013 and available via PlayMpE).
Toney’s singer/songwriter and country/folk roots, the debut single
makes evident her embrace of the multi-genres she is drawn to (with a
fusion of country, pop, rock, and rhythm and blues) and her talents to
sculpt poetic musical portraits “soul-ly” for the interpreter.
Celebrated as a poignant lyricist and theatrical storyteller, “The Trail Of Light And Dark” (written by Toney) sets precedent as the lead single from her CD project entitled LOVE IS THE CURE-Special Edition (slated for a September 24, 2013
release). The emotionally expressive and infectious track celebrates
the freedom from the chains that bind in an unhealthy relationship and
the revelation to end a toxic cycle. The triumphs and tribulations
endured are lyrically painted with chiaroscuro imagery throughout the
composition as a contrast between light and dark and balanced by the
tranquil mid-tempo arrangement that colors the canvas with hope.
song is an honest open discussion and revealing personal introspect of
pain, choices, freedom and victory—a story about taking care of yourself
and being aware of emotional danger that lies quietly in wait. It’s a
listening experience about a complex topic—human relationship and how
fragile our hearts and spirits can become in them,”
Susan Toney reveals.
Produced by Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer David Z (Prince/John Mayall/Etta James/Eric Clapton),
the track is complete with accompaniment by Mike Rojas (piano,
keyboards); Pat Buchanan (electric guitar); Jack Holder
(acoustic/electric guitar); Steve Mackey (bass); Lynn Williams
(drums/percussion) and Bekka Bramlett (background vocals).
the influences of her heritage, Toney delivers a transparent,
introspective window into her soul with a new sense of wisdom and
confidence in her message and her craft—all mused by a new chance on
life—a miracle. Susan miraculously survived a rollover car crash in
2003; suffering from a multitude of life threatening injuries, her
survival was grave.
a faithful heart, unbridled spirit, and a strength that rushed through
her veins, Susan recognized the tragic accident as an ultimate part of
God’s plan and a saving Grace. With renewed purpose and zeal, Toney
returned to the recording studio where she sought new inspiration by
revisiting and addressing the past—her life’s journey of past loves and
losses, triumphs and defeats—and “The Trail Of Light And Dark” is just one page in the chapter of the Susan Toney story.
“With different turns and high hurdles, it took me a while to get here,” Toney added. “But,
I believe I’m right where I’m supposed to be musically and I think the
country music format and its listeners are my ‘welcome home.’”
from Los Angeles, Toney ventured south toward Nashville, Tennessee to
fulfill her creative vision to step far and beyond her own boundaries to
explore the endless possibilities in a musical community where the
imagination runs wild and musicianship bountiful. Music City afforded
Susan Toney room to grow and a door wide open to blossoming, organic,
creative expression.
decorated award winner (American Songwriting Festival/Billboard
Songwriting Contest), Susan’s talents as a songstress have been
recognized by her peers and the industry. Toney penned two songs that
appear on the John Townsend album entitled THE ROAD LEADS HOME, including the title cut, and her music has been featured in various independent and feature films including “Just Don’t Mention Love,” the main track in Little City (Miramax Productions).
Susan Toney team is comprised of John Bokowski, Jr./Kings Road Group,
Inc.; Music City Media– acting Nashville liaison heading up the country
media and marketing campaign; Spin Doctors Promotions-Nashville will be
responsible for the single radio promotion; Steve Baker/Visual Image
Marketing will service and promote the corresponding “The Trail Of Light And Dark”
music video. Ed Gertler will oversee all digital distribution and
social marketing; the tune will be available on iTunes and via most
major digital music retailers August 27, 2013.

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