Susan Cattaneo – LITTLE BIG SKY

Susan Cattaneo – LITTLE BIG SKY
CD Review by Preshias

How do you put into a single music category, a
creative artist and a talented songwriter, who encircles, crosses over and
explores several of America’s favorites genres of music, all on one CD?

Believe me it’s hard; so listen up ladies and gentlemen;
this is an “all-encompassing CD review.”

A songwriting teacher and a former graduate, at
the world- renowned Berklee College of Music for over a decade, Susan’s been an
integral part of the Boston music community, acclaimed singer/songwriter Susan
celebrates the introduction of her third national recording
project entitled LITTLE BIG SKY extended EP from Jersey Girl Music. This
EP mirrors chapters of her life and her love affair with music, and is brought
to life by herblend of pointedly created songwriting and power-lung rock vocals
with a soulful delivery.

The seven-song album kicks off powerfully with
“Let The Music Deliver Me,” an anthem to the healing power of music when life
and love have gotten you down. Or as she says: “Let the rhythm jump start this
aching heart.” Cool.

The title track is a reflective mid-tempo ballad
about living in a city and hankering for the country life where the blacktop
disappears. Everything will better sipping some sweet iced tea on a front porch
swing under some little big sky.

Similarly, “Pennies on the Rail” harks back to
days of sitting by the railroad tracks, watching sparks fly from those
flattened pennies. “Listen for the hummin’ / the four oh five was comin’ /
right on time…”

“Spare Parts” is a hard-nosed rocker with a
strong backbeatthat thumps you in the chest like a mix between Molly Hatchet
and Heart, if you can imagine that!

It’s apparent that Susan has not lost touch with
her early years in New Jersey farm country but there’s a tough edge added by
life in the big city. Her songs feature stories of strong female characters in
a blend of country and rock. Her women are tender at moments, strong when
needed and never afraid to have fun. Susan’s songwriting skills have earned her
national and international attention.

After focusing on a career as a songwriter, she
was coaxed back into performing – fortunately for us (Yeah!) – and is part of a rare
breed: skilled songwriters who really can sing. Popular with European audiences
thanks to tours in Italy and now drawing admiring fans in Nashville, LITTLE BIG
SKY will bring Susan Cattaneo a whole batch of new admirers… Especially ME!

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