Nashville, TN – Nov. 17, 2016
Perhaps nothing spreads the joy of the holiday season in the way that
music can. In the spirit of the season that tells us to promote “peace
on earth, good will toward men,” rising Hispanic country music
singer-songwriter Stephanie Urbina Jones will return to her native Texas to embark on her third annual “Spirit of Christmas” tour December 1 – 8.  Representing the Texas Heritage Music Foundation (THMF),
Jones will bring Christmas cheer to homeless shelters, a children’s
hospital, a veterans’ hospital, nursing homes and a special needs
community. The performances will include seasonal favorites and songs
from her 2015 holiday release, Feliz Navidad, Y’all.

of her fiery heart and the humanitarian work she has done with the
organization, the THMF considers Jones their very own “Fiery Angel,” a
name coined from the title of her current CD, Fiery Angel.
The Foundation’s mission is “To preserve and perpetuate the traditions
in Texas music, to examine the background of Texas music, to trace
influences and patterns in Texas music, to document the role Texas music
has played in society, and to provide free educational programming to
the Texas community.”

With the tour imminent, Jones’ excitement is building. 

the cradle to the grave, nothing touches or moves the heart more than
music,” she says.  “It is an honor to sing and bring the spirit of
Christmas to folks who need and appreciate it most.” From inspiring a
homeless shelter with “Feliz Navidad,” to clapping and singing “Rudolph
the Red-Nosed Reindeer” to special-needs friends and fans and serenading
the elderly and infirm with “White Christmas,” Jones loves it all.
 “Nothing brings out that childlike wonder like Christmas,” she
reflects. “In the end, our presence is the best gift any of us can give,
so I open my heart and pour all I have into every song. It is the
hardest two weeks of my year, and the most rewarding. From laughter to
tears, we sing through it all!”

Ballard, THMF’s Program Manager of The Music Connection, is looking
forward to the third installment of the “Spirit of Christmas” tour.
has the unique ability to touch people like no other,” says Ballard.
“She embodies the very essence of the Texas Heritage Music Foundation –
that singing songs and telling stories make a difference in the world.
During her annual “Spirit of Christmas” tour through the Texas Hill
Country, she brings the season alive through the power of her music and
her incredible ability to connect on a personal level with her
audiences. We are honored to work with her these past three years.”

actually credits the beginning of her international career to THMF. It
was founder Kathleen Hudson who first took Jones to Mexico to represent
Texas at a festival. Since then, doors have opened for her, and in the
past two years, Jones has represented her Texas roots in ten countries
around the world. 

Jones is taking on the “Spirit of Christmas” tour in the midst of the success of her current single, “Vamanos! (Let’s Go!).” Her music seeks to integrate the heart of her bicultural roots with contemporary style, flair and passion.

About Stephanie Urbina Jones:

The San Antonio native and #1 Billboard
Country Latina songwriter is passionate about celebrating her Hispanic
heritage in country music around the world. Jones is winning
international acclaim while shattering traditional music industry
boundaries and genres with shows across the United States, Mexico,
Japan, Europe and the United Kingdom.

With her CD Fiery Angel,
she arrives as a woman who inspires, a songwriter who bravely explores
the heart’s darkest corners and a singer who interprets life with
passion and intimacy while carrying the heart of her bicultural roots to
audiences all over the world.

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