Song “Bring It Back to the Heartland” Inspires American Pride

Nashville, TN – November 19, 2015Stephanie Urbina Jones,
the Hispanic-American artist who is heating up contemporary country
music with her unique Latin flair, announces her collaboration with The Made in America Movement (MAM) as the first celebrity Made in America Movement Ambassador.
The Made in America Movement is a conduit for change, a movement to
inspire, educate, and raise consumer consciousness about the power that
we individually and collectively have to rebuild and fortify this
country’s economy by looking for the Made in USA label.
One way Ambassador Jones is helping to raise awareness for The Made in America Movement is through her song, “Bring It Back to the Heartland,”(Click here) from her new CD release, Fiery Angel.
Co-written with songwriter Mark Marchetti, “Bring It Back to the
Heartland” speaks to the restlessness and loss of hope that Jones has
seen in people in her audiences around the country.
hopes that the message of “Bring It Back to the Heartland” and her work
with MAM will empower and inspire people to make positive changes, both
small and large. Reminding us that “we are in this together” to help
create American jobs by supporting businesses and entrepreneurs that
invest in American ingenuity, hard work and perhaps above all, the
American people. “Bring it Back to the Heartland” shows its powerful
momentum in its message as the song is currently climbing the music
charts. “Never before has a song I have sung hit such a cultural nerve
and brought people to their feet,” says Jones. “This is not about
politics, religion or corporations. It’s about people and bringing back
the HEART of what made this country great!”
Made in America Movement seeks to promote awareness of the power that
the American people hold in sustaining their economy. Even when
corporations take jobs overseas to cut costs, thereby hurting American
jobs and manufacturing, consumers can counter corporate abandonment by
demanding American-made goods and services. As The Made in America
Movement points out on its website,
you know that buying American-made products creates jobs?  The average
American will spend about $700 on gifts this year. If only half this
amount was spent on gifts Made in USA, up to a million American jobs
would be created!  
build on The Made in America Movement philosophy of voting for America
with your wallets and putting America to work, the Movement has compiled
a Made in the USA Holiday Gift Guide
for the holiday shopping season. Shoppers will find gifts at varying
affordable price points, with the distinction of being Made in the USA.
This is a good way to show patriotism during this giving time of year,
and a great opportunity to invest in American brands all year long.   
joining forces, we can unite American voices, and put America to work”
declares Margarita Mendoza, Founder of The Made in America Movement.
Anyone interested in joining voices and following in Jones’ lead in
helping to rebuild America, is encouraged to become a MAM Ambassador within their community.
the San Antonio, TX native is unmistakably an artist on the rise. She
is the first female independent artist to reach #1 on the Texas Music
Chart. 2015 has proved to be her biggest year yet, as she has taken her
gutsy Latin-infused, singularly-styled, American-born country music to
international audiences at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in
Switzerland, the Magic Town Music Fest in Mexico, the Craponne Country
Rendezvous in France, Country Gold in Kumamoto, Japan, Americana
Cavalcade in Scotland, and beyond. Jones also co-wrote “My Baby’s Got a
Smile on Her Face.” Recorded by Craig Wayne Boyd, winner of the
Emmy-winning TV show, The Voice, the song debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart. Of “Bring It Back to the Heartland,” music critic Robert K. Oermann noted in Music Row magazine,
“I have long been a fan of this lady’s work. Her voice is as throaty
and emotive as ever on this topical single. The lyric yearns to bring
the nation back to its better years when we had mom-and-pop stores,
products made in the U.S.A., family farms, good jobs and the American

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