Stephanie Owens Announces Pre-Sale in Advance of Upcoming Single, “Slingshot”

Lynchburg, Virginia native, Stephanie Owens,
has announced an advance opportunity for her fans to be the first to
get the new music in anticipation of her upcoming single “Slingshot,”
which is scheduled to be available Sept. 13 on all digital platforms
Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon. Pre-order,
pre-save and pre-add the single on Spotify,  iTunes or Apple Music

“Slingshot” was co-written by Stephanie Owens, Evan Cline, and Melissa
Sheridan with production by Brad Hill, Evan Cine, and Stephanie Owens.

“I’m really excited about ‘Slingshot’ because it lyrically communicates
what I’m passionate about and musically taps into new vocal territory
for me.  I believe this song will really resonate with people because we
all face struggles and go through times when we feel like the
underdog.” Stephanie continues, “Hardships in life are inevitable, but
we can choose to let them be setbacks or setups.  In my own experience,
fighting through trials has always made me stronger. My vision for
‘Slingshot’ is that it will inspire others to have this same comeback

The single is a high-energy tune that rallies listeners to view life’s
difficulties as launching pads toward future accomplishments.

…All the negativity

Won’t let it get the best of me 

Don’t judge a kid

Before the comeback baby

May be the underdog

But I’m gon’ rise up

I’m breaking down my walls

Bring on Goliath

I’ll take your stones

I’ll take your sticks

I’ma show you what I got

Gonna bounce back

I’m a slingshot…”

is always great to work with and makes my job easy,” exclaimed
Producer, Brad Hill. “She has a powerful message that people need to

“It’s easy to see why Stephanie is continuing to create buzz around
Nashville. She is organized, and she knows what she wants as an artist,”
stated Producer, Evan Cline. “Coming off of Stephanie’s EP, I felt like
she had a place for this anthemic, power-driven song.  I think this is
going to be a big song for her – literally and sonically.”

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Stephanie Owens music can be found on digital platforms Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music and more.

About Stephanie Owens:

When Stephanie Owens was only seven years old, she
landed her first professional recording gig. She made her film debut
when she was chosen to play the starring role of Faith Garrett in
Finding Faith the movie, co-starring Erik Estrada. Stephanie moved from
Lynchburg, Virginia to Nashville in 2013 to pursue her dream of becoming
a country recording artist. In 2017, Stephanie felt that she had the
right songs to release and began gathering a production team for her
debut EP, released on May 18, 2018.  October 2018, she made her national
television debut on The Huckabee Show, where she performed and shared
her eating disorder recovery story. Stephanie’s music, official music
video, and story are receiving interest from national sources and have
been highlighted by a number of websites and blogs. Her music video is
featured on Stephanie has also launched a School Assembly
Program, in coordination with the National Eating Disorders Association,
where she sings, shares her story, and talks about body positivity and
social media pressures. Her new single, “Slingshot”, is scheduled for release on Sept, 13, 2019.

“I believe that every person has been given a unique story and gift
that, when shared, can leave a legacy that echoes into eternity.  I will
always write and release songs that communicate what is important to me
and give a glimpse into my true story. I definitely want my music to be
entertaining, but, more than anything, I want it to be an inspiration
to those who hear it.” Enthusiastically-embracing the journey ahead,
Stephanie is committed to using her God-given talents to impact the
world. Stay current on her website

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  1. Very good article!! I wish best possible success to Stephanie Owens!! She is awesome musician and adorable person!!
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