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Hello fellow players,

Jessi Colter has created a Waylon Jennings fund for diabetes research and I’ve been asked to help spread the word via my newsletter. Here is a link that explains it.

I have known Jessi on a personal basis since the Ray Price tours we did with Waylon in the late sixties. I met Jessi backstage at the Place des Arts Theater in Montreal in 1969. I didn’t know she was going with Waylon at the time, but I met her again in Nashville a year later, she said that she and Waylon had gotten married. I thought that Waylon did very, very well and sent him a note telling him so.

He answered my note saying “I hope so. I’ll let you know in ten years.”

A few years later, he invited me to the wedding of his daughter and Ray Rider. Ray was his personal road manager and was also a very wonderful person, much like the rest of Ray’s family and employees.

The Waylon Jennings brood were all wonderful folks. Anything that Jessi wants today, you should all be there to help her out. Jessi is an extremely giving person and her cause for diabetes research, I promise you is very worthwhile, especially to those who suffer from diabetes.

Mike Gross is a very big part of the northeastern United States steel guitar shows. He does a lot of MC work and singing at the New York and Connecticut shows. Mike also has his own internet radio show throughout the week. He plays the kind of music we all love and I’d like to encourage anybody that loves western swing and country to tune him in and listen to his shows.

A nicer guy and more hard core steel lover there isn’t. Go ahead and give him a listen and let him know how much you appreciate his great show. Here is the recent email I got from Mike.
The weekly KSEY “Swingin’ West” hour for 9/25/11 is now heard all month long and then some any time of the day or night at YOUR convenience. A Pod cast can be listened to any time for over a month. In addition, the prior five weeks can always also be heard. Just click where it says Pod cast- “Listen Now 24 Hours a Day” on the home page of the “Swingin’ West” web site. Choose the date of the show! (IT CAN BE A COUPLE OF MINUTES FOR UPLOAD depending upon your browser). Sept 25, 2011 (3-4 PM, Central) (It is repeated the following Sunday right after the new show.)
South of the Border Western Swing
I was reading the forum and saw a subject that we can all relate to and that is losing or leaving our bar behind when we are on the way to playing a job. Picks we can live without. A volume pedal we can live without. A bar, you just can’t do it.

However, there are a lot of substitutes for a bar. A small diameter shot glass from the club bar. If you are in the studio, you can look around and find some things. Of course, every toolbox has a one inch diameter socket in it.

No more than bars really cost and as important as they are, you should always keep a spare either taped inside your steel guitar case, in the glove compartment of your steel guitar car or taped under your left armpit so it will be warm and handy if you ever need it.

Get a Cobra Coil bar because it is the hardest bar money can buy and is not plated so you never have to worry about it coming apart, extra slick and probably the best value that’s ever been in a bar. Definitely the greatest bar being made today. Order one from out website.

I remember going on the road with Faron Young one day, somehow lost my bar, got to the job and had to use a long shot glass from the club we were playing in. Faron thought it was so funny that he made me use this bar everywhere we played and called attention to it to the audience. I finally asked him one day why he loved me playing with that shot glass.

He said, “It’s simple. I know as long as you are in the band, I’ll always have something to drink out of.” He gave me a big haha and slapped me on the back.

I said, “Are you serious?”

He said, “No, I’d just drink out of the bottle.”

I would like to point out that the guitars that we specialize in as far as service or rebuilding are the older Sho-Buds and most definitely the Emmons push pull. We really don’t like to sell parts anymore for either one because by the time we sell somebody the parts, charge them for it, listen to them complain about the price and they call a week later asking how to put it on their guitar, then explain to them how they did it wrong, it’s just much faster for us to do the job ourselves.

Our shop labor rates are very low, so we will take care of you if you send your guitar in and have us do the job. We can also do this with Mar-Len and Sho-Bud permanent and Cross-over guitars.

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Mid Town Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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