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Hello fellow players,

I�d like to acknowledge the great foreigners that come to the U.S. and visit me every year.  Countries that are extremely steel guitar conscious like England, Ireland, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia and probably many more I�m not mentioning.  

I don�t know if steel guitar is what does this to these great folks or not, but all seem to have incredible personalities with great sense of humor.  Most are making some money playing regardless of what country.  Some of these people I have become very fond of and feel as close to them as I do my great buddies here in Nashville.

Ken Byng visited me at the beginning of this week and a finer gentleman I�ve never met.  I really enjoyed David Hartley who visited a few weeks ago.  These are very representative of wonderful English steel players and it makes me want to meet everybody in Britain that ever held a bar.

Players that I�ve never met from Britain like Basil Henrique and B. J. Cole, I know them through emails and such, but I�m looking forward to shaking their hands in the future.  There are players from about every country that I want to meet.  Some of them I�ve done a lot of business with and some I�ve just heard of, but I find a lot of wonderful, diverse personalities by the looking off the shores of my country that I love.

While doing my Irish steel guitar show a few years ago, I was very happy with all the steel players that I met, most of which I had heard of and some I hadn�t heard of, but left Ireland a true believer in the great talent of players I met in the Emerald Isle.  No matter where I go or what I do, it is the greatest pleasure I could have to have these great players come by and visit with me.

It�s getting where I don�t have to go to a steel guitar convention anymore as most players seem to get by to see me at least once a year.  

I think the greatest thing about seeing all you wonderful players from the world over is knowing how much you also love steel guitar.  I don�t really know if steel guitar really started in Hawaii or not, but if it did that�s reason enough for the United States to have grabbed it and put it under our umbrella.  I could make a lot of political comments here about a leader that we have that claims he�s from Hawaii, but if I did it would all be in humor.  But I�m sure there would be some out there that wouldn�t understand my humor as it is definitely a little weird.

But overall, no matter where you are in the world there are millions of us that love steel guitar, know what it is and know how to play it.  I just want to say to every one of you, keep it up.  I believe I speak for all the steel guitarists in the United States when I say this, and yes this goes for Canada too.  The reason I mention this is because we hardly think of Canada as being a foreign country.  Canada is like another state.  It�s just a little too cold most of the time for us southern hillbillies.

Kind of strange that my first three major tours when I first moved to Nashville in the sixties were all in Canada.  Towns like Kitchner, London, Toronto, Peterborough, Guelph, Calgary, Montreal.  Then as soon as I got back to Nashville off these tours, I�d change jobs and go with another artist that went right back on the same tour.  Do I love Canada?  You bet I do!  But get the heater fixed.

I just got the pedals and knee levers on my new double ten Clinesmith guitar.  I�ll get some pictures for you for the next newsletter.  It�s an incredible guitar but requires some understanding with the pedal setup.  But then again, I require some understanding with my pedal setup myself.

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Your buddy,

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