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Hello fellow players,

Some discussion in this communiqué is concerning the social structure of the world wide steel guitar society.  You must be a member of it because you�re reading this.  There are thousands upon thousands of steel guitar players and musicians that love steel that are members of some sort of organization that links us together, like the steel guitar forum, my newsletters, the multitudes of steel guitar clubs throughout the world which includes some of the great ones like Scotty�s in St. Louis, Bob Maickels in New York and many others scattered throughout the US, Europe, Canada, even Asia, Australia and many other places on the face of the Earth.

You may ask, �Well now, what are you getting at and why are you mentioning this?�

Because our steel guitar society is very important to us, some of us as a work medium and others of us as a fun medium.

Think about the gun clubs like the NRA, car clubs like the NHRA, ham radio clubs like the ARRL and the FFA for farmers and the list can go on forever.  The reason that all these clubs exist is because of the great love that people have for these hobbies.  

Ever see the show on television called �Car Crazy�?  Possibly someday we�ll have a �Steel Guitar Crazy� show like that.  It seems like every Saturday on the Speed channel, we see many car club shows.  These cover many cities in the world and pretty well shows us all that there�s a tremendous amount of interest in old cars, antiques, racers from all eras, brands and years.

The car following is so big that it�s divided into different brands and cars according to what your interest in them is.  Same with motorcycles and airplanes and many other hobbyish items.

Well here we are with an equally big love in the steel guitar itself.  There are different kinds of music that we love to hear played on them like country, Hawaiian, jazz, rock n roll and so on.  Boy, if I had only had a club to join when I was a little kid and had all these wonderful sources to tap into to help satisfy my thirst for steel guitar and help me to learn.

Well today we have it.  Every once in a while, a player, singer or housewife who really doesn�t know much about steel guitar will tap into our society through the forum or my newsletter and make a lot of people mad for some things that they say to us, but this doesn�t matter.  

We need to welcome everyone in our society and this includes the �know it alls� that really know nothing, the guys that play very little but think they�re great and people that may build a product that really doesn�t work too well possibly in the beginning, these people also need to be welcomed with open arms and not be criticized too harshly because they may have a deep seated love for steel guitar that will and can mature over time and possibly someday these folks can be great contributors to our little steel society in the future.

Every once in a while I get shocked tremendously by seeing a steel guitar player that I may have scoffed at under my breath many years ago that can now play circles around me.  I love to have this happen as this shows me that the world of steel guitar is safe and secure with a good future.

This world of steel guitar is going to be here long after I�m gone and if my books and recordings and teachings can be appreciated and help players after I�m gone, I�m sure wherever I go I�ll be a very happy guy.

My entire life has been devoted to steel guitar.  I have not forced myself to be a steel guitar player or enthusiast, it�s just where my weak mind has taken me.  Sure I have other interests in life, I love motorcycles, cars, cameras, video technology, airplanes and those wonderful puppies and kitties who grow up to be faithful pets that love me.  I also love my dear steel buddies and friends that feel the same way I do about these things.

The name Mickey Adams pops into my mind, being a wonderful pilot, a great steel player and most of all a person who loves sharing and teaching all others around him.  Well this is about all I wanted to say on this subject, but I feel I�ve said a lot of what�s really in my heart and every word that I�ve written here concerns everyone of you, whether you�re in Tyler, Texas, Reno, Nevada, Manhattan, New York, Detroit, Michigan or Miami, Florida, and yes you wonderful players on the left coast, Canada, Europe, Australia and anywhere else also.  

Everyone of you are very important to everyone of us here in Nashville.  So join those clubs and contribute all you can to feeding others that love for steel guitar and that funny noise it makes.  Get on the steel guitar forum and let the whole world know how you feel.

As most of you know, we have sold hundreds and hundreds of Boss effects units over the years, actually numbering into thousands and these units are just as good today as they ever were and their 5 year warranty is almost never needed.  I still stand behind everything that Boss makes.  However, a new reverb that we�re handling now is the Digitech Lexicon licensed reverbs called HardWire.  

These stereo reverbs have two inputs and two outputs, but can also be used and produce tremendous quality as a mono unit.  I will personally guarantee that these units are about as fine as anything money can buy, regardless of what setting you put this great reverb unit on, plate, room, spring, hall, gated, reverse or modulated, you�ll be a very happy player.  

For somebody that�s as dumb as I am and I�m not sure any of you are, it has round control knobs.  This means when you turn them to the right, you get more of what they do, to the left you get less.  To me, this is the way things are supposed to work, like the radio in my dad�s Packard Coupe when I was a little kid, or like the volume controls, bass and treble on the old Fender amps.  This means you don�t have to see them when in the dark to make a precise, quick adjustment.

These are manufactured in the United States and only the owner�s manual is printed in China.  You don�t have to read Chinese.  They printed it in English.

There are three units that I feel a steel guitar player should always have, echo, reverb and dobro simulator.  This unit has to be one of the three.  Simple to operate and nothing will make your guitar sound better for less money.  The RV-7 Stereo Reverb comes with a Velcro bottom that will make it not slip on carpet and make it easy to mount on an effects pedal board.

For those of you who have already bought this unit and are raving about it, thank you.  Let everybody else know as a service to them and tell them it�s guaranteed to make them sound better regardless of their playing ability.  

See it here: 

Check out our monthly specials at and we�ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

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