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As I stated in the last newsletter, I will be doing up close and personal stories on Steel Guitar Hall of Fame members. This newsletter will cover the magnificent Ron Elliott. Ron was just inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame about four years ago. Ron is one of the craziest, most wonderful, great players to be around. His personality says it all, a very intelligent person, will do about anything for a laugh.

He is from Salisbury, Maryland which is a small town on the outer banks of the Chesapeake Bay. Ron moved to Nashville and immediately started working the road with stars from the Grand Ole Opry. He was working with Stonewall Jackson when I met him with guitar player Reggie Alley of this small four piece band that was about as beautifully country as pure country music could be.

Ron always seemed to master the latest E9th licks and patterns. I remember seeing Ron once when I first moved to Nashville in the showroom at Sho-Bud. Stu Basore was with me and after looking at some fingertip model Sho-Bud guitars, we collectively decided to buy another brand, which may sound silly, but you know how kids are.

Ron and Stu helped me get one of the other guitars and set it up at Weldon’s house in Hendersonville one Sunday afternoon on his kitchen table. It wasn’t long until Ron made a move in his employment and started working with Jack Green. Some of the most beautiful country music I had ever heard come out of the Opry was from this man and band.

Ron worked with Jack for a good while, then subbed with several other bands, did sessions and finally expanded his repertoire and started doing a lot of steel guitar shows. Ron was a superb showman. Between his music and his humor he did one of the finest shows that a steel guitar player could do without having his own band and arrangements totally worked up.

Ron’s wife’s name is Leslie Elliott. About this time, both of these fine folks went to work for the Sho-Bud company in downtown Nashville. Ron was in charge of ordering material and Leslie worked in the office collecting money and running the rest of us out when we got in the way. An astounding marriage these two must have. They have a son named R.P. which probably stands for Ron Jr. I don’t know if R.P. plays anything or not but he sure has the right environment to learn.

Anytime you have a chance to hear Ron play, be sure not to miss it. Also be sure to go up and shake his hand because greatness is what this man is totally made of.

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