Steel Guitar News November 12. 2012

This is Vic Lawson with today’s newsletter. I really like it when I get emails back from you guys because it lets me know somebody is paying attention and that what I have to say makes sense to you.

Here is an email I got from a lead guitar player which really made me smile.

Good afternoon, Vic!

It’s good to see you back at the newsletter again. I look forward to yours, Bobbe’s and Bob’s writings twice a week…I’ve been a reporter, editor, and for the last seventeen years, an English teacher. I have been so impressed at how well you guys write!

What I’m writing you for today is to let you know is that even though I’m not a pedal steel player, I really take your advice to heart. A month or so ago, I had the crappiest gig I’ve ever played…I wanted to hang up the Strat forever! Then on Monday I got your newsletter about not letting your personal emotions interfere with the gig. I got to thinking about my lousy gig, and BAM! I realized I had been down about issues with my kids, and it really affected my playing. The next gig I made sure I had my head straight, and it probably was the greatest gig ever!

Since then I’ve made sure I followed your advice, and man, it’s been nothing but blue skies! So, thanks a bunch, and keep sending those battle-hardened gems of advice!

By the way, I’m still working at the lap steel…I’m working with the C6 tuning…love it. I still dream of buying a pedal steel from you guys. There is no sound that compares!

Thanks to all and have a great Thanksgiving!

Rick Cox
Llano, Texas

That is a great story!

It’s good to know these newsletters do some good. I personally find it difficult to have good ideas, but stories like these are really make it worth the effort. I feel that I am repetitive sometimes in my letters, but these topics are just some of the things that I’ve encountered through my career that have improved my playing. So if I get too repetitive, please be patient. Between Bob Hempker and I, will bring you the best newsletters that we can.

Here’s another email reply.

Hi Vic , Thank you so much for poppin in these emails, They are so valuable, I`m in a 3 pce band w/no drummer and I`m on the steel, I hit the jackpot everytime I read your emails,

On the mental side of things, Not to stand out at all but Last night I dressed up pretty sharp (I looked like doc holiday without a hat or badge) It really felt good to do this because I am also working on this mental attitude and this is why I tried this, well it helped a little bit more than anything else I`ve tried , I know I`ve been experimenting the songs and it appears its my absolute solid problem, You`ve brought this to my attention. I see this may be the problem I`m facing , Possibly not enough time to practice the experiment with the different tempos that are sped up with the band , not on purpose (no drummer) Wrong tempos just destroy certain solos that you think you`ve nailed down, It gives me a mental breakdown. Lookin sharp helped me last night , I just thought I`d share that with you, Thanks for the tip on experimenting, I`m not going to do this anymore.

Craig Schwartz

There is a book that a friend of mine turned me on to titled “Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician Within” by Kenny Werner. It is a great tool. You might find it worth the time to read it.

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