Steel Guitar News April 26. 2012

Hello fellow players,

Have you ever noticed how people dress according to what their hobby is? For instance, a golfer will wear a hat that says Ping on it and his shirt and pants will be looking he like he is just about ready to hit the course. A guy that likes cowboys will dress like one, the western shirt, the cowboy hat, jeans and boots. Motorcycles guys all seem to dress apropos . Pilots will wear the leather jacket with a large embroidered circle on the front.

This pertains to the music business too. Hawaiian steel guitar players always have to have a shirt with flowers flowing free down to the waist and lower. Bluegrassers with a white shirt and a string tie (in the east anyway). This is very much the case regardless of where people live or?

I find it very interesting and it shows a caring for your instrument or livelihood. Blues players will come in the store wearing their Greek fisherman hats. Next time you go to a steel guitar convention, look around and see how much you can tell about the crowd by the way they dress, from their hats to their shoes.

There is always a war going on between the car guys about what brand is best. Mopar Forever on the front of one tee-shirt. Ford stands for First On Race Day. Chevy guys will always have interesting things to say about Fords like Ford stands for Found On Road Dead. Pontiac means Poor Old Nincompoop Thinks It’s A Cadillac.

When it comes to steel guitar, there are the less mean tee-shirts that proclaim the brand of guitar that one may like very much. At least these let the public know that you are a steel guitarist.

When I go to a show and see someone wearing a tee-shirt from a player that is deceased, it makes me feel very good that this player’s memory is being honored. So wear those tee-shirts and let everyone know that the souls of these hard working individuals are still being appreciated in this day and time.

The temperatures are taking us into the magic days of summer, that is in some sporadic places around the country. Interesting when it’s 86 degrees in New York City and 72 degrees in Florida, but I guess this is typical of some years. That shouldn’t stop you from playing your steel guitar under any circumstances.

We here at the store are trying very hard to stock a big variety of used professional guitars and guitars in all price ranges. We are still keeping a variety of Emmons guitars and a full stock of GFI guitars ready for delivery, no waiting. Any guitars that we sell, we have a warranty behind and we stand behind it.

Please learn about the guitar you’re buying before you have it sent to you. We will give you a very thorough description of any used guitar before it goes out the door here. However, the more you can learn about what the guitar is, the better.

For instance, some people still don’t know how to tune an Emmons pushpull and find that after they get one, they don’t really care to learn how. These folks will and can be much happier with an all pull guitar such as an Emmons LeGrande, a GFI or a Sho-Bud if they want a great tone and easy tuning.

We are getting a very nice stock of older Fender steel guitars, many in an immaculate condition. Many of the old Fender guitars are being used not just by Hawaiian groups, but hard rock groups like Pink Floyd and most of the House of God gospel players. There is also a resurgence of young Rockabilly groups showing up all over town.

Players like Chris Scruggs have resurrected the great old styles of Faron Young’s Carl Smith and Marty Robbin’s James Farmer styles of playing. Does it look like these styles will never die? I certainly hope so. I’m sure Don Helms, Roy Wiggins and Joe Mac Vincent would be very proud.

We have professional hard working pros who work in Nashville that can help you with the subtleties of different brands at all times. Sometimes you can just call here and one of these great professionals from town will be sitting around in our showroom very willing to talk to you about these things.

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

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