Southbound 75 – Tales From The Black Swamp

CD Review: Southbound 75 – Tales From The Black Swamp

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

  1. Let It Burn
  2. Not Ready To Say I’m Sorry Yet
  3. Wild & Young
  4. Crazy
  5. Spilled Champagne
  6. Friend Of The Bride
  7. Stumble
  8. Daddy’s Liquor Cabinet
  9. Long Way Home
  10. Whiskey And Wine
  11. Missing Carolina


The country quintet Southbound 75 have been making shockwaves across the domestic and international music scene of late with their much-anticipated album ‘Tales From The Black Swamp’. The music was recorded in Nashville and has received a warm reception from music lovers around the world.

They were once asked by the late legendary artist Prince if they thought ‘’The cream will rise to the top’’ to which singer-songwriter Mark Lorenzo responded to say they it would, and if the truth was to be revealed, they are well on their way to doing just that. The record consists of 11 original tracks that are well worth downloading from any one the several online platforms from which it is available.

The first track on the album ‘Let It Burn’ contains both a subtle and fiery intro to kickstart what is an album packed with resounding country anthems, carrying its audience into the New Year with a touch of optimism and an abundance of belief as it finishes on a crescendo, or in other words, a high note. ‘Not Ready To Say I’m Sorry Yet’ continues the momentum in terms of music packed with power and energy.

The song fluctuates a little more dynamically in-between different sections of the song to create a bit more ambience and tension. The lyrics push a narrative concerned with a broken relationship that had been hanging barely by a thread, hence the lyrics, ‘’Just not ready to say I’m sorry yet’’ which suggests emotional trauma.

‘Wild And Young’ brings an injection of optimism into the music as the lyrics tell a tale of being young, wild, and carefree. The band seem to relive their youth with this song by singing about young love and ‘’Skinny dipping in the summer heat / I remember we were wild and young’’. The song is a feelgood track, serving its audience as summer soundtrack.

‘Crazy’ is about being crazy in love with somebody whom they simply cannot seem to be without. The song certainly tugs on the heart-strings and offers insight along with reflection into the power of love in addition to simply just knowing when something is meant to be.

‘Spilled Champagne’ was initially released as a single and also finds itself on the album. The tune has been met with appraisal and has already had lots of airtime in the U.S with at least 45 radio stations in the U.S alone playing the song. ‘Whiskey And Wine’ fits the bill in typical country fashion. The song title alone would immediately encourage its audience to think of bourbon and a tale of the deep south. Short, powerful improvised fills combined with ‘’Whiskey and a whole lot of sweet red wine’’ depicts and image of driving a roof-top car down a wide-open country road on a hot summers’ eve.

‘Missing Carolina’ is a heartfelt piece of music, singing about loneliness and ends the album on a rather sombre note. The record, overall, is packed with raw emotion and energy and is without doubt one of the standout country albums of the year.  The band are tipped to do great things over the course of the New Year and beyond so be sure to download this album and follow their social media pages to keep track of the band’s upcoming releases and tour dates.

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