Slim Forsyth into America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame

Easter morning and I just received a telephone call from Slim Forsyth
who lives in Pittsburg, PA.  He’s one of the distinguished traditional
country artists that has been nominated for induction into America’s Old
Time Country Music Hall of Fame by Howard Vokes, a mover and shaker of
‘real’ country music in Pennsylvania.  Slim Forsyth took his name ‘Slim’
from one of his heroes, Slim Bryant.  He not only knew Bryant well, he
met him several times, photo ops, all that goes with meeting a hero. 
Bryant if you might not remember, was the guitarist that recorded with
Jimmie Rodgers, including the last session Rodgers cut.  He was also a
very close friend of Juanita McMichen (Clayton McMichen’s daughter) who
was a good friend of Sheila and myself.  Clayton McMichen was a
fantastic fiddler, formed a group called the Georgia Wild Cats, of which
Slim Bryant played guitar in.  McMichen is also the guy who wrote “In
The Pines,” one super neat old-time country song.  Juanita came to our
festival right up to the time she passed away.  Slim Bryant lived past
his 100th birthday, but he too is now gone.  What fantastic memories
these are of a musical art form that has been so maligned.  At any rate,
Slim Forsythe is going to be at LeMars, Aug 29-30.  He also talked to
me a little bit about one of his projects, a local television show in
Pittsburg, devoted to traditional and classic country and bluegrass
music.  He’s been working with ‘Kickstarter” to raise $10,000 to make
the pilot, and apparently has raised $4,800 of his desired amount.  I’m
not sure exactly how that works, but there must be some ‘good’ in it. 
Expect to see a super good traditional Slim Forsyth at LeMars.

Bob Everhart for Country Music News International

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