Dan + Shay, Ashley McBryde, Blake Shelton, Brett Eldredge, Gabbi Barrett & Charlie Puth

Single Reviews: Dan and Shay, Ashley McBryde, Blake Shelton, Brett Eldredge, Gabbi Barrett & Charlie Puth

by Joanna Demee for Country Music News International

I should probably go to bed by Dan and Shay – 2:51

A piano solo for the intro starts playing, it is a ballad that talks about love and that the singer is heartbroken so he should go to bed, as his thoughts are killing him. The voice is powerful, and he has nice rolls, also you should watch the video clip, the chosen palette between the complementary colours is mad, especially in the scene before end, where he is on the bed, the blue with the orange touches, give the sense of nostalgia, kind of a light, a hope in the depression/anxiety.

Martha Divine by Ashley McBryde – 3:38

Now that’s a big change in the country music, some comments say ‘ “Jolene” finally got caught ’, and that ‘ Ashley took “Earls Gotta Die” in a whole new level ’ and they ain’t wrong. In the beginning I was wondering, another betrayed one, right? Well, I am going to spoil it for you, so stop reading here and go watch it yourself. I will leave the comments on her voice untouched and not even dare to describe that country BEAST (with all the positive meaning of the word)! This video clip and specially the lyrical storytelling are on fire, so let me take you through it. That man’s caught sneaking in a motel, so she gets in their room … yeah all well until you see her entering with a shovel, and at this time I am unsure of whom she will kill, so I am like both… No it will be him, definitely him…. And no it’s her, and I am feeling kind of stupid because the title says ‘Martha’ so I now I get it, Martha is the lover. The moment I got confused, is when Ashley says ‘you call him darling, and I call him daddy’. I was trying to get what kind of “daddy” he is to her, but no worries – just a normal daddy (this time), I realized is about a scorned daughter seeking revenge for her mother, as Ashley says ‘honor thy father, honor thy father, but the bible doesn’t say a damn thing about your daddy’s love’ – she’s an absolute lyric beast (– in my language it’s used to say that someone is a mastermind and that’s how I feel like describing her).

Minimum Wage by Blake Shelton – 3:48

Her dad gave his daughter away and he was crying, probably thinking that his daughter deserves more than what the singer had to offer her, but love is love, and money does not really matter as long as you have the right person next to you, even if you are on minimum wage. That is what the moral of the story is about, you don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to feel rich. A good country song, that I could listen to a lot, it has a catchy rhythm and lyrics. So definitely check it out.

Good Day by Brett Eldredge – 3:36

A slow country song, with a positive vibe, showing pictures of the current way, and appreciating workers in the front line.  probably wanting to show, that it does not matter how bad the vibes around you are, you can always find your silver lining, and be happy and appreciating thing around you, when everyone else sees nothing more than darkness throughout the day.

I hope by Gabbi Barrett – 3:30

(and Charlie Puth remix)

So the singers in the remix sing in a way that make me think like those are the exes of the ones dating now, but they wish them in an ironic way, to feel happy, implying that they were spending all their money to keep them happy, and that they wanted to marry them, but lastly they hope that they will be cheated, as they both did to Gabby and Charlie, probably to get a taste of how it feels to be cheated. All the words and hopes that you want to confront your ex and say, well just make them listen to this song, and it will tell them exactly how you feel. The emotions of the song are all up and down, making the listener to realize they feel unstable, and the want the person who they once loved to be kind of happy, but kind of know what they have been through so they can recognize their value, as they were ready to give everything for them, spend all the money they had to keep them happy, and thinking of getting married with them. Excited to give a review about a singer that I like, Charlie Puth. My opinion may be biased, but this song is awesome. Gabby has a solo version, which talks only on how things are on her side, which I also find interesting, and whichever you decide to listen to, you will not be disappointed.




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