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Blue Jay Plant A Flower In Your Backyard For
Me – Go Down Fisherman – Morning Makes The Lovers Weep – Diagonal
Dancing – Do You Love Me & The Blue Eyed Ramblers Plea – Goodbye To
The City – Fisher’s Hornpipe – A Penny For Adeline – Under The Double
Eagle – Late Last Night Stolen Oranges
I’ve known Shadric for quite a long time now, and am
always impressed with his experimental music explorations. He’s an
excellent musician, and here he is doubling up on mandolin, the only
instrument on the CD.  Does this make sense?  Well, yes it does when you
hear Shadric do it.  It took the second song “Go Down Fisherman” for me
to really understand what he was doing two-tracking his mandolin.  Then
it became very clear.  This is the kind of original road I love to hear
from gifted musicians, and Shadric certainly is that.  All the songs
are originals, except of course for “Under The Double Eagle” and
“Fisher’s Hornpipe.”  That tends to lend credence to the overall
project, which can be very old-timey in spots, and very modern
experimental in others.  To me this means a serious attempt at
‘creation’ and even though that can be difficult at times, Shadric does
do that here.
He used a Yamaha hard disc recorder at Big Blue Sound,
and mixed it himself, and accomplished that, extremely well done.  He
lives in Fort Dodge, Iowa, and has been at the forefront of original
music in that town ever since I’ve known him.  He succeeds remarkably
well in moving from some of his earlier ‘down-home frontier style’ music
to something very interesting and very well done.  “Diagonal Dancing”
has no vocals, but the mandolin pickin’ is incredibly interesting, and
I’d have to say probably very hard to do.
Another selection I found very entertaining is “The
Blue Eyed Rambler’s Plea” about a lost love a gained love, a love lost
again, well you know, that’s what some early American music is all
about.  Great energy coming from Shadric’s mandolins.’  Don’t be
surprised Shadric.  I will be sending this along to the Rural Roots
Music Commission for possible mandolin picking of the year award?  Never
know. I’ve often wondered if a Blue Jay can actually plant a flower? 
I’ll bet he can.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer

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