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     Nashville, Tenn….. When
Blake Shelton, a country music artist, on national television,
said…”Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music, and I don’t
care how many of these old farts around Nashville are going ‘My God that
ain’t country.’  Well, that’s because you don’t buy records anymore you
jackasses, the kids do.”  it prompted an immediate response from
several groups dedicated to America’s very real rural country music.
     Among them was Maggie Penn, a
traditional and classic country music promoter from Illinois.  “We need
to do something about this, I refuse to be called those vile names
simply because I don’t want to buy any of Shelton’s records.  He’s quite
mistaken about listening to grandpa’s music.  This music is the
original ‘country’ music, and he is not only abusing the seniors all
across America, he is abusing the word ‘country.’
     Also joining the fray is Bob
Everhart, President of the National Traditional Country Music
Association.  “When Mr. Shelton uttered those insults to seniors in
America, he may have forgotten there are over 78-million baby
boomers in America, right now who are grandpas and grandmas.  They
choose to buy the music they like, and if they don’t happen to buy Mr.
Shelton’s CD’s that does not make them old farts and jackasses.  Mr.
Shelton is also pretty much wrong about the ‘kids’ who buy records too. 
Most young people in America today can’t even find a job, much less pay
off their college loans.  They get their support from those same
78-million baby boomers Mr. Shelton so eloquently insulted.  He must
surely not be aware that baby boomers control 80% of personal financial
assets in America, as well as 80% of leisure travel.  They are retired,
or about to do so, and they will have a large amount of money available
for the music they like.”
     Everhart formed the NTCMA (www.ntcma.net) in
1976 to foster and ‘save’ America’s rural country music.  “All music
and musical tastes go through incredible change and popularity,” he
said.  “Nobody is saying music should remain static, however my work
with the Smithsonian Institution as a preservationist finds Mr.
Shelton’s attitude a very unacceptable way to ‘sell’ a product.  We work
hard keeping America’s very own ‘rural’ music alive.  Country music
came from rural America from California to the New York Islands, from
the Redwood Forests to the Gulf Stream waters, rural American ‘country’
music belongs to all of America, not Blake Shelton, or massive corporate
radio owners, like Clear Channel.”
     Everhart has joined with Ms
Penn in creating a ‘senior march’ on Nashville, to support America’s
very real rural country music, and have two petitions on the internet. 
(Available on Facebook) One is to protest Blake Shelton’s negative
attitude toward America’s seniors, demanding an apology for his insults,
as well as an attempt to have him removed from the Grand Ole Opry which
supports family values.  The second petition is an attempt to get radio
stations that play ‘country’ music to include more traditional and
classic country music in their programming.  The ‘march’ will take place
on April 17, beginning at 11am at Tony Rose Park (8 Circle Music East),
will wend down Music Row, and conclude at the offices of the Country
Music Association, who have basically eliminated traditional, classic,
old-time, and rural country music from their objectives.  Following the
‘walk’ a free concert featuring ‘real’ country music will be held.  The
promoters invite anyone who plays traditional and classic country music,
bluegrass music, folk music, Americana, and old-time music to
 Robert Everhart

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