Scott Southworth Hey HillBilly Singer One Night Only

CD Review: Scott Southworth – Hey Hillbilly Singer! One Night Only!

by Matt Belyea for Country Music News International

Hey Hillbilly Singer.

a.k.a. Scott Southworth, an award-winning honky-tonker who resides in Nashville and has this release garnered him an Academy of Western Artists Award for Pure Country Artist of the Year & Song of the Year nominations.   The musicianship on this is top notch with stellar performances of classic country instruments; fiddle, pedal steel guitar and some really great guitar playing.    The vocals of Scott are beyond perfect, and the songs are familiar in the BR5-49 /Junior Brown and dare I say a tenor Randy Travis sort of way.  Part of me feels that is just a bit too good, a bit to refined sometimes – but if that’s your thing you certainly won’t be disappointed by this record.   I’m not going to tell you about my favorite song on this release, I suggest you listen to it and pick your own.


Here’s some selected cuts that will give you a flavor for the release.


  • Nobody Leaves This Work Alive – This song has got some heavy Merle Haggard vibe going on and Scott’s voice can be a dead ringer for the man. Love the PSG & Guitar picking on this one, The attitude of the song conveys the very essence of Merle.


  • Nothing to Find Anymore – Nice waltz tune with dual message that tell the story from a Vet’s perspective, and it seems from the broken marriage – truly expressive voice on this tune.


  • The Honky Tonk in Me – Close mic’d and just perfect swing tune and the backing musicians are clean and tidy on this song. They hit all the turnarounds and stops with perfection.


  • Hey, Hillbilly Singer – Some deep playing chops here with a lot of straight up heartbreak lyrics


  • I Wish I was Here – Jimmy Buffet channeling on this tune about the beach and heartache – seems a theme is emerging where Scot is covering artists through his original tunes.


  • Put Another Quarter in the Ride – Love his voice and the story is good, but what again I am starting to here is renditions of other artists style and his take on them. Although a great Randy Travis impersonation in his phrasing and delivery is great to listen to. Once.


  • Last Train to Luckenbach – the most rocking number on this release is a straight up Junior Brown playbook in the storyline. Good solid song.


  • Cigar Store Indian – Okay, you reached it – my favorite song on this release. I think this one comes from the heart, and you can feel it.  Probably not the most politically correct title but it tells the story from the heart.


  • Why Can’t Every Day be Friday Night – Peppy tune, loving the guitar playing and the band is tighter than Willie Nelson’s headband.


  • I Ain’t Leaving Town – (featuring Bobby Marquez) – Good Johnny Cash-esque guitar picking on this tune. Call and response on this lament to the current state of Nashville popular music, although comes off as a bit of a bitter pill for the taking rather than a poking fun of the current state of music in the Music City.


Overall, a stellar effort by Scot and his takes on Merle, Hank, Lefty, Buck & Jones.  I like this

Scot’s renditions of artists a lot. A couple of the tunes on this release I think dig into who Scot is rather than “originals in the style of other artists”.  If there is something to fault it would be

that. Otherwise, a solid and great release from an aspiring Nashville artist who is winning awards for his dedication of “old school” Country music.

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  1. Thanks for the review Matt! Glad you enjoyed the CD, it’s true that my voice is definitely a product of my influences over the years, happy to hear that respect comes through…I appreciate the kind words on the musicians on the recordings as well!

    Thanks for supporting Indie Traditional Country Music, looking forward to hearing what you think about my 2020 release, “These Old Bones”!

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