SARAH DAVISON & HIGHROAD – The Road Less Traveled


The Road Less Traveled
Two Coats/Finbar Dwyer’s Fancy – Keep Your
Lamps – High Road – Hold Me To The Rock – There Is A Man – Nothing But
The Blood Of Jesus – By The Mark – Revelation Song – How Deep The
Father’s Love – My Tribute
Sarah Davison is a beautiful young woman from Braddyville, Iowa. 
She took up residence at a Christian college in Nashville a few years
ago, to further her abilities as a keyboardist, songwriter, and
vocalist.  Once you hear her, you will not wonder why this is the young
woman we selected to back Patti Page on Patti’s very last public musical
appearance in 2010.  Sarah is one of the most creative artists I have
had the privilege to ever experience.  Her keyboard work is phenomenal
and her vocals and songwriting abilities are also phenomenal. She works
closely with Anna Grace Kimbrough who also plays fiddle in Highroad. 
Sarah stays very close and near her Lord Jesus, and she presents her
music in that same spirit.  For me, the spirit is definitely in the
voice and power of this gifted young woman.  This CD opens with an
old-time Irish fiddle tune that rapidly shifts to a full backing sound
that is the epitome of the great music work done in Nashville. Blake
Bollinger is the producer of this fine work of art, and the shining
example of Sarah’s ability to pierce the listeners mind with new sounds,
new ideas, new arrangements.  And, being a very ‘traditional’ country
music preservationist, I’m happy to say I can hear Sarah’s up-bringing
in much of what she does, though I’m sure labelists would call her music
drifting toward the ‘rock’ side.  And, that doesn’t bother Sarah at
all, an original song by Anna “Hold Me To The Rock” is definitely the
‘real’ rock.  This CD would be especially appealing to a young audience
who likes beauty in musical work as well as moods, feelings,
differences, and in this case, lots of spirit.  Rock and roll
enthusiasts will also find this a ‘moving’ experience.  Sarah draws on
all of the musical influences she has captured over the years, but
Christian belief, support, inspiration, and certainly ‘giving’ is
present in all that she presents. If you are young and you wonder what
all the ‘talk’ about Jesus is about, you’ll definitely find some answers
here.  The Rural Roots Music Commission will get to hear this fine
work, but please don’t ask me how they will categorize it.
Bob Everhart, Music Reviewer

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