Sam Hunt Take Your Time

Sam Hunt Take Your Time

by Snehashree Mandal for Country Music News International

Sam Hunt is the eldest of three children and is born to an insurance agent and a teacher. His first interest or love, if you may call it was football and he loved playing it. Quite a pro in it, he got chosen as the co-offensive player of the year in 2002.

His life began with his love for football

He was also selected as the Georgia Sportswriter Association All-State Class AAA first team as an all-purpose player.

He kept playing football for quite a number of his growing years. At the University of Alabama, Birmingham, he majored in Philosophy and also concluded with a Business degree in Economics. Side-by-side he also completed 155 of 331 passes, 10 touchdowns, and 14 perceptions by 2007.

But, then after football practice every day, he would learn to play acoustic guitar. He never saw himself as a singer or a musician, rather he never believed ever, of possessing any musical talent.

While passing time, he one day ended up picking a guitar of a roommate and roughly struck its chords. Encouraged by his friends he began booking shows in bars. His friends had heard him quite a few times and believed, he could try his luck.

After completing his graduation in 2007, he tried with the Kansas City Chiefs who were with the National Football League in 2008. He knew very well enough this could change his life but after two months of unsuccessful attempts, unable to create an impression with the football team, he changed his course to music to the surprise of his family and friends.


His life as a country musician

On a second’s whim, he left with a friend for Nashville, who only had two mattresses, some spare food, and his mom’s minivan.

Hunt began by writing songs for others. He co-wrote Kenny Chesney’s hit, “Come Over,” Keith Urban’s “Cop Car,” and Billy Currington’s “We are tonight.”

Next to it, Hunt released a single, “Raised on it” in September 2013, and in October 2013, he released 15 free songs on his website and called them “Between the Pines.”

He also co-wrote the title track “Love Somebody” for Reba McEntire.

He kept working towards his goal and in October 2014, his first single for MCA Nashville “Leave the Night On,” shot up to the number one position on Country Airplay Charts.

His debut album, Montevallo was released on the 27th of October, 2014, and on the same day he released the Acoustic Mixtape for his album, “Between the Pines.”

On 5th November, it hit the number one position in the US Billboard 200.

Hunt is the first country artist after Clink Back to have the debut studio album and the singles peak up in the topmost position in the same year-end charts.

He took a long hiatus from social media and only released music after the end of his country tour which he took up with Luke Bryan. He performed Sinning with you for the first time when he announced his song would be part of the upcoming album.

His gradual rise over the years took him to a point where he is known prominently as one of the best country voices, Nashville ever produced. In the October of 2020, he released, Breaking up was easy in the 90s.’ He even joined hands with Indie singer, Sasha Sloan for her singer, When was it over?

His vocal performance in-studio sessions are defined by Elias Leight as a rough, heartthrob voice that shines clearly through the songs.

He was praised by Leigh further for his ability to speak and rapid-fire together which is not in style with any other country musician of the recent times or old.

He is known as one of those men, who respect women since that is what was demanded of him while he was growing up.

While defining his stint with country music, he told Rolling Stone that he felt country music can create the most truthful songs about life penned down often by the country people. Though he believes the beats and sounds would evolve as much as the roots would not.

His songwriting has a heavy influence on Brad Paisley whose, ‘He didn’t have to be” influenced the growing Sam heavily while in his home in Georgia.

He is raining down music upon people which would be remembered long by the lovers of music forever.


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