Debut Solo Release From One Half of Critically Acclaimed Duo Sam & Ruby
Brooker, a performer and songwriter who rose to critical success as one
half of the celebrated duo Sam & Ruby, alters course with premiere
solo release Stay from the forthcoming self-titled EP. This
tune, penned by Sam and Brent Anderson, springboards Sam from the duo
and music business community back into the role of a solo performer with
a production merging the lanes of country and hot adult contemporary.
had some big shoes to fill after my project with Ruby was named
Associated Press’ ‘Album of the Year’, but I didn’t retire from the
creative community by any means,” says Sam.  “Since the duo, I’ve
started a publishing company that had its first cut become Billboard’s ‘Top Selling Country Song of All Time’, Cruise
recorded by Florida Georgia Line. I also co-founded a music technology
company that automates the licensing of samples for producers and
remixers adding a brand new income stream to the entire music ecosystem.
Among those endeavors, I still had these songs that I wanted to bring
to life.  That’s how we got to Stay and the new EP.”
a genre where one finds such variety as the EDM country of Keith
Urban’s latest tune to the rap stylings of Sam Hunt and the traditional
flavored tunes of Brandy Clark and Kacey Musgraves, Sam Brooker’s debut
single wedges a home on the pop, easy listening swing of the pendulum.
On Stay, Sam’s warm vocal sparks embers of Vince Gill
juxtaposed with 90s alternative and pop acts like Savage Garden and
Vertical Horizon. The lamenting lyrics that this Green Bay native emotes
culminates into a chorus with the lines: “I know you’re breaking my
heart, but I don’t want to lose you yet. It’s gonna kill me either way.
So why don’t you stay.”
Fan can purchase the single online now by clicking here and can expect the full project to drop in late October.  To stay updated on Sam, visit the following:
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About Sam Brooker
among the humble community of Green Bay, WI, Sam took to both piano and
guitar via lessons from his dad. James Taylor, Lyle Lovett and Paul
Simon were some of the first artists Sam became familiar with on those
instruments. He would transition to Music City after high school and
honed his songwriting craft and music business knowledge.  After
development deals with DreamWorks and RCA, he found his performance
footing as the duo Sam & Ruby with his friend Ruby Amanfu. They
would go on to release The Here and Now that the
Associated Press proclaimed as “Album of the Year.” Songs from the duo
were licensed to TV and film including major motion picture releases
“The Secret Life of Bees” and “Hope Springs.” He would step out of the
performance world for a period to garner record breaking success in the
publishing arena.  Founding Artist Revolution (AR), a publishing
company, the company’s first cut would become Billboard’s longest running #1 and the “Top Selling Country Song of All Time” with the release of Cruise
by Florida Georgia Line, co-written by his writer Jesse Rice. AR would
go on to secure additional cuts with Florida Georgia Line and acts like
Kristian Bush, Chase Rice and Colt Ford. Also in the business arena, he
founded Remix Hits with Matt Wilder, a tech company that is developing
software to automate the process of sampling and licensing to create new
revenue streams for the entire music ecosystem.  With the catalog of
works that he had built along the journey since Sam & Ruby, he
compiled his top selections across the country and adult contemporary
genre and will be releasing a full self-title EP in late October
featuring the debut single Stay.

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