R.W. Hampton’s New Single Pays Tribute To Son’s Marine Battalion

R.W. Hampton’s New Single
Pays Tribute To Son’s Marine Battalion
New Mexico — When Cowboy Singer R.W. Hampton’s son, Cooper, a Marine,
returned from his second deployment, Hampton noticed a significant
difference in his son’s behavior.

“I, like many people, thought when these men and women come home from
war, they come home,” Hampton said.  “But a Marine or soldier brings a
lot of baggage home.  He came home, but he was still over there.”

His son — now serving his third tour of duty as a Marine Sergeant — is
part of the inspiration behind Hampton’s new single, “Hell In A Helmet,”
named so for the 2nd Battalion 9th Marines Deployed to the Marjah
District of Helmand Province between July 2010 and Feb. 2011.

In A Helmet” is available for pre-release on Oct. 29 on itunes.  The
official release date is Nov. 5, one week before Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

“Cooper had warned us before he came home not to expect the same person
we knew before he was deployed,” Hampton said.  “I’m so proud of his
service, but it’s a big burden for those guys. It’s hard to come home.”

doesn’t sugarcoat “Hell In A Helmet.” “My wife, Lisa, had been keeping
in contact with the other mothers and wives of the boys over there,”
Hampton explains. “The 2/9 lost 15 men in those seven months and several
mothers and wives asked me to write something for the ones coming back
and that we be forthright and honest with the lyrics.”
son echoed that sentiment,” he continued.  “Before he came home from
that second deployment, he even told us he didn’t want to see any
banners or signs calling him a hero.  ‘They are just doing their job’,
Cooper said.  He told me the heroes are the ones they left behind.”
“Hell in a Helmet”, the second single from his forthcoming new album, This Cowboy, My Country, was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Gary Bright, who along with Joe Diblasi created Hampton’s album Austin to Boston.
Once again capitalizing on the LA connections, Hampton was able to work
with some of the finest studio musicians available today, including
noted drummer John F. Robinson whose resume includes so many top artists
that he is considered “the most recorded drummer in history”. Other
players contributing on this track are steel player extraordinaire Jay
Dee Maness and guitar virtuoso Cary Park, along with Gabe Witcher on
Proceeds from this single go to the group Horses for Heroes- New Mexico,
which provides therapy to Veterans with physical and mental distress as
well as offering training for those interested in real life cowboy
skills and helping them find jobs on New Mexico ranches.

Hampton is one of the leading Western Entertainers in America today.
His fans come from all walks of life.  He’s loved by cowboys, cowgirls,
ranch hands and rodeo stars, but also by people who have never seen a
cow up close — or cared to.  A singer, songwriter, actor and
entertainer, R.W. is known for his patriotism, his family values and
Christian beliefs.

In the current issue of American Cowboy magazine, Hampton is named among the top 50 Greatest Country and Western Singers (named between Riders in the Sky and Charlie Daniels). 
Blessed with a wonderfully rich  baritone voice, his songs and
genuineness resonate with audiences worldwide.  R.W. has lived what he
sings about, and the world of early mornings, hard work, rough horses,
maverick cattle and new ranges fits him.  After twenty-two years in the
entertainment business and over 15 national awards from his peers, R.W.
is still pure cowboy; singing about what he loves best.  He is today’s
voice of Cowboy Music.


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