Rusty Gear – Muse & The Songwriter, the perfect match

Rusty Gear – Muse & The Songwriter, the perfect match

It happened in Nashville Tennessee to Americana Country artist Rusty Gear.

He was recording  his second album, High Gear, in Zac Brown’s Southern Ground studio in Nashville and on the breaks when a highly respected, well known songwriter visited the stage.  Rusty was biting at the bit to get a chance to talk with him and ask him songwriting questions.  You see Rusty Gear is a songwriter in his own right and to meet a celebrated songwriter that knocks out song after award winning song  is a golden opportunity   It became immediately obvious that the man was a down to earth human being, a no frills kind of guy who harbored a warm welcome.  After the initial pleasantries were exchanged Rusty got right to it with a set of questions he had been wanting the ask the mega successful writer.  It was interesting because while the man’s answers were distinct and to the point they also carried an overarching theme.  He kept reinforcing that that no one can write your song for you.  As Rusty tells it; it was one of those times when a songwriter leaves a situation and the words just flow perfectly for a new song.  The visit would prove to be a muse and the immediate effect of that visit was the birth of a new song titled “The Writer”.  The man had impressed Rusty so much that the lyrics for this new song found the paper immediately as he sat down to just capture his thoughts after the get together.  You see Rusty was curious about the man’s mechanical path in regard to songwriting and what occurred is what should have occurred – the man shared how it is done from the heart. It’s not so much the mechanics of songwriting but what you give the folks that will hear it.  In The Writer, when Rusty went up that mountain he had no idea that he would be leaving that cabin reinforced with the fact that the creative genius a writer needs is within and that is more important than the mechanics of songwriting.  “The Writer” shares the theme that the man kept repeating as well the mythical story of climbing the mountain to get there.  To learn more – HOME | Rusty Gear Music


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About Rusty Gear:

Rusty Gear is an American singer-songwriter who leads a collaboration of great musicians to create and record original country, blues and southern rock music. His latest releases are Out and Runnin Round, a collection of country rock originals produced by Tony Sarno and featuring session players from the famed Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, and What We Believe, a collection of Americana originals produced by Brad Hill. Rusty’s first album, Happy Ending, was released in 2018, followed by Second Gear, released in 2019, and High Gear in 2020. Rusty’s Wondering Why and Won’t Forget (Remix) both reached number one on Europe’s Hotdisc Top 40 country music chart and charted on Billboard’s Country Breakout Chart in the US. From High Gear, Sorry Excuses, featuring vocals by Bekka Bramlett, reached number two on the Roots Radio Chicago Blues Song Chart and High Maintenance reached number seven on the same chart. Also from High Gear, Tequila Won’t Solve Your Problems hit number one on the Hotdisc Top 40 in April. Happy Ending Remix also charted on the Hotdisc Top 40 in 2019. The country version of the classic Christmas carol, In the Bleak Midwinter, receives radio play on Music Row stations during the holidays. Rusty Gear original songs have been streamed over 900,000 times on Spotify, with a number of songs widely playlisted.

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