Russell Dickerson – Southern Symphony

CD Review: Russell Dickerson – Southern Symphony

by Dyah Ikhsanti for Country Music News International

Songs list:

  1. Never Get Old 3:06
  2. Home Sweet 3:26
  3. All Yours, All Night 3:06
  4. Love You Like I Used To 3:07
  5. Forever for A Little While 3:00
  6. It’s About Time (feat. Florida Georgia Line 2:56
  7. Honey 3:19
  8. Southern Symphony 3:22
  9. Come to Jesus 3:12
  10. Waiting for You 3:41


If you are looking some feel-good tracks, then you may check Southern Symphony out. This Russell Dickerson’s latest album serves you 10 easy listening songs, that are just good to listen to when you are doing your daily stuffs. Of course, it would be great if you listen from song 1 down to 10, but here is some of my favorites. They are just easy on ears, and just made realize that I should not doubt Dickerson’s talent for songs delivery.

Never Get Old

This is the kind of song that you want to blast on karaoke night. The song is fun with lighthearted lyrics. It is a simple love story that you can listen to anytime. The song is about a man that never gets bored of his partner and their habits when they are together. This song was designed so you can enjoy and have fun while listening to it. Dickerson chose the right song to set the mood before the listeners dive deeper to this album.

Love You Like I Used To

Another romantic song from Russell Dickerson. This time a song with sweet story about love that grew even stronger as time goes by. This man confess how he is falling in love even deeper than he used to. While listening to this song, I imagined how Love You Like I Used To may be the anthem of couple’s anniversaries. What interesting from this song is the guitar sound makes the song even more emotional that it already has, and it is a good thing.

It’s About Time

Another feel-good song that makes you head bobs. It’s About Time is a good alternative in this album. It is a song about having fun and just enjoying life in general. Of course, you need to have fun after being romantic for five songs straight. The rap part and the beat give the fun flavor to the song. You cannot get bored listening to this on repeat. I will not recommend you to party and drink with crowd like the story of this song. But you can still have fun with this song. You can put this song on every morning to energize you.


Right after hanging out, Dickerson decided to get back on the romance business. Still with the fun vibe, Honey is a song about someone that is in love and confessing his feeling. Actually, this song has repetitive verses, but the way he sang each verse differently made the song does not sound tedious. The instruments complement the song so well. It is the kind of song that you can dance to or listen to as you go on with your activities.

Southern Symphony

Southern Symphony is a love song that feels like home. The lyrics describing how the Southern live their daily life, while telling a love story. If you are someone from outside America, like me, this song will be feeling more interesting as it talks about how people in countryside live, along with the local wisdom in it. Southern Symphony is simple and sweet. I like how he added banjo sound, and it emphasized the countryside feeling to the song. Overall, all the elements of the song were made to remind us about Dickerson’s root of where he came from. This is a song that makes you feel homesick, especially if you come from a place with simple life. Where the people appreciate peaceful living than busy life. If you already listen to this album, then which song that you cannot get enough of? For you who have not, give Southern Symphony a try. All the songs in this album were made to make you feel good after a hectic day, or as sweet background music while you do your activities.

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