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Royal Wade Kimes Receives Overall Creative Performance Award


Royal Wade Kimes Receives Overall Creative Performance Award
Royal Wade Kimes was given top honors with a “Blue Flame Award” for “Overall Creative Performance”
for the film “Dixie Burns.” The award comprised of directing, vocal, music, and lyric. Awards ceremony took
place at the famous Palm in the Downtown Hilton, Nashville, TN.
“Dixie Burns” aired on BlueHighways TV Network and is still burning. It is a Nighthorse Film in association
with Wonderment Records and was filmed in TN and KY.
Awards for Excellence was achieved and attained through critical acclaim from the entertainment world
in music and film.

“Dixie Burns” acquired a five star rating from both music critics and small screen picture specialist.
Categories were decided by project and performance.
Other winners of the awards ceremony were:
Larry Crowley “Best Musical Interpretation of a Song” and “Best Artistic Musical Performance”
Don Gregory — “Best Supporting Actor”
Laurie Canaan, Doug Corbin, Bobby Meshew, Ryan Crowley were recipients for “Best Artistic Musical Performance”
for their role as a period band.         
Best behind the scenes team member awards went to:
Teresa Conklin for “Best Still Shot”
Ron Gregory — “Best Motion Camera”
Debbie Brooks — Best Editing
The film opens with the close of the Civil War and reveals the struggle of a soldier making his way home.
The story is told through music and narration, and critically considered one of the most commanding
Civil War period short films presented in years, while being executed in a new and different way. The
entire story is conveyed without uttering a word, yet it is dramatic and emotionally powerful. It is
definitely a fresh new concept in film.
Robin Berg, President of BEI inc. Specialist in HDTV & Digital Film Production: Royal Wade Kimes and Dixie Burns
are now woven into the fabric of great works on the Civil War, and this important film truly speaks for itself.
The DVD is available at Booksonline.com, Amazon.com, Abe.com, royalwadekimes.com and others.
The sound track “A Proud Land” is available at most all major dot coms.
Royal Wade Kimes is the nation’s top cowboy recording artist   and winner of the Will Rogers Award.
He has numerous number one recordings to his credit and is a platinum and gold song writer as well
as recording artist. Country Weekly Magazine named him the 21st century Marty Robbins. For more
about Royal Wade Kimes go to: www.royalwadekimes.com  
Larry Holden ****

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