Royal Wade Kimes may be the most versatile recording artist Nashville’s Music Row can lay
claim to today.  He has a single on several charts “I’m An Ole Song” which sets at the top of more
than one chart.  His new CD “Crossing The Roads” hit the street April 5th and is doing well, and
while most would be satisfied, that isn’t the case with Royal Wade. His new novel “Smile Through
A Tear” hit the street April 6th right behind his new CD project. It is being published and released
through Books in Motion a leading literary publisher in audio, who are based out of Spokane
Washington.  “Smile Through A Tear” is the second release for Royal Wade Kimes as an author for
Books in Motion, but there is something very different about this novel. It comes with a surprise.  
The title “Smile Through A Tear” is the name of one of the songs on his first album release on
Wonderment Records in 2000, a project titled “Hangin’ Around The Moon.” Royal Wade has written
a very compelling and dramatic story around the song, which by the way was actually titled “Smile
Through A Tear (part one) making the novel “part two.”  The song actually starts the book, as the
novels are in audio with John Pruden one of the Nation’s top voice over’s doing the characters.
Lynn Pisar who represents Books in Motion is very high on Royal Wade’s style of writing. His first
novel “A Braver Man” has done well in that most books die off in sales after several months where
Royal Wade’s actually picked up.  “I’ve been asked by many entertainment people and the fans
when I was going to give them part two of “Smile Through A Tear” and now I have. I love the
surprise of it all, they had no idea it would be in an audio book.” Who knows what Royal Wade will
do next; one thing is certain, through all the heartbreak both in the Record business and the Book
world, Royal Wade Kimes takes his licks and stays on top, all the while finding a way to, ‘Smile
Through A Tear’.
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