Nashville, TN (6.10.12) ALLEN &
took advantage of bringing their
music to Nashville for the CMA Music Fest.  Before the guys left town,
they left their brand of music on all who experienced the bands new country sound
and their high-energy stage show. 
I have been attending the CMA Music Fest since its inception in
1972, when it was “Fan Fair,” so I have seen my share of
these events. I was there when Alabama was a hit, then Reba, Alan Jackson,
Garth, Martina, and I was lucky enough to have seen all of the acts before they
were successful, and also those that never came back to Nashville, but for the
first time in my music life I witnessed first-hand the birth of the next
superstar’s in country music-ALLAN & ASHCRAFT with their super
dynamic band.
From the first note of their set at Honky Tonk Central on
June 8th at 4PM until their last note around 5PM, with
a jammed packed house….I realized I was watching success before my
eyes.  That old saying “they had them in the palm of their
was never more evident than during that one hour set of in
your face country music, awesome vocals, super harmony, great arrangements,
superb rhythm section, and most of all, they owned the stage they stood on, and
they owned the crowd.  It was perfect for a video of how to be successful
in the music business.  Allen & Ashcraft knew exactly what to do when
they stepped foot on that stage.  A stage is like owning land acreage, and
in this case A&A owned every inch of the Honky Tonk Central first floor
acreage.  They had the crowd out on the street dancing, screaming for
more, and trying to squeeze into HTC.
I watched as the group took the crowd to new heights of excitement
with their music.  Everything worked like a well-oiled machine as the guys
cranked it up full speed ahead, brought their music engine to full max as the
crowded honky tonk was going wild with meeting and loving these two super
entertainers, with a band that was full bore on every song.  They were also
given support by the crowd joining in singing on just about every song, except
for the ones that were the new songs from A&A’s new CD project, “Allan
and Ashcraft.”
  By the time the band played “Let’s
Get Gone and Cornfield,”
from the CD, the crowd was singing along on
both of their news songs, and you could feel the energy in the song “Cornfield,”
the energy of “this song is going to be a hit.”
When the guys completed their set and were able to get off stage,
they were greeted by their new fans wanting to shake their hands, get their
autographs, buy their CD, and just tell the guys how much they loved their
music.  I was there, I heard the music, seen the show, witnessed the crowd
reaction, and I know enough about music to know that Allen & Ashcraft will
be a success story of great magnitude in the near future, and I can truthfully
say I watched a superstar duet team being born right before my eyes and ears.
The band left immediately to return to Indiana for a personal
appearance on June 9th, but they left behind a completed package of
who Allan & Ashcraft are, why they are headed for super success, and the
great ease they found new fans to extend their fan base to all points in the
U.S., and Europe.  Listen to their new single playing at radio now, and
check out their website, and get to know them, and you will see and hear for
yourself.  They are here for the long haul.

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