Razzy Bailey – Little Red River

CD Review: Razzy Bailey – Little Red River

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

Razzy Bailey is certainly no stranger to Country as his career has spanned almost six decades and his latest single ‘Little Red River’ is heartfelt and one that everyone can sing along to as he reflects on his trips down to the Little Red River and the past in general. ‘’I can’t take it any longer, these memories are getting stronger, I’ve got you little red river on my mind’’ and ‘’passing through the echoes of my mind’’ is a song about leaving the countryside and heading towards the city in pursuit of a new life but is unable to shake off the desire to leave the hustle and bustle and return to his roots as he becomes older. The song itself is just under four minutes in length and takes you on a swift journey back to your roots when life was more simple, cheerful, and peaceful whilst simultaneously offering a glimmer of hope before returning you to where your heart belongs.

The instrumentation consists of drums, tambourine, bass, guitar, fiddle, and vocals. There isn’t a great deal of fluctuation dynamically as the rhythm, melody, and harmony somewhat remains the same throughout the song. Structurally, the metre is 4/4 and the song starts with a four-bar intro before leading straight into the chorus which is eight bars in length followed by the first verse which also lasts for eight bars. The tempo is relatively laid back and leaves plenty of space as the notes are stretched evoking images of vast open space associated with the countryside.

The song fits the bill when you think of country music not looking to venture too far into other genres or push the constantly changing musical boundaries. I personally really liked the song and the lyrics resonated with me personally as someone who originally hails from a small town in northern England. All Being Well, there is more to come from Razzy and hopefully this single will be a sign of things to come in the near future.


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    WRITERS: Razzy Bailey & Ricky Treat
    Publisher: TOUCABACA Music, BMI
    LABEL. : SOA (Sounds Of America)
    Producer: Razzy Bailey. therazzybailey.com

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