Raw Deals Turn Sweet For James Marvell

Raw Deals Turn Sweet For James Marvell

Orlando Florida based Reality TV Show Raw Deal has sweetened the pot
for recording artist James Marvell. After years of musical struggles his
2012 story won!


recorded a million selling classic with the legendary pop group Mercy
in the ‘60s. The band made music history topping the Billboard and
Cashbox charts with Elvis, Frank Sinatra and the Beatles. His face has
appeared on the covers of CDs and albums in stores across the nation and
overseas for over 40 years including releases on Warner Brothers but
Marvell has not received one penny in royalties!


before Mercy his first Raw Deal in music came early, when he formed his
1965 garage band called The Skopes. He recorded an original composition
co-written with his manager John Centinaro titled “She’s Got Bad
Breath” for the USA label in Chicago. The song was banned by a famous
mouthwash company putting a quick halt to a great opportunity.

the early ‘70s, James Marvell and music friend Buddy Good left Rock and
Roll. They kept their waist long hair and called themselves The Country
Cavaleers. They headed for Nashville to sing the songs they loved,
country! The Cavaleers, who recorded for several labels including MGM,
may have looked like a couple of hippies in cowboy hats to 1970
Nashville but their message was clear to all, “don’t do drugs!” After
years of being blocked and swept under the rug by the Nashville music
clique of that day, Marvell & Good got fed up with the politics
which ended the Cavaleers’ promising career in 1976. ( see 1972 video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-KrgWuSygM )

more about James Marvell and Raw Deal producer Jason Bing who has
worked on the sets of major motion pictures. You may even want to be a
part of Jason’s fast growing company. Go to www.myrawdeal.com

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