Pistol Annies Embark On Great Annies Adventure

Pistol Annies Embark On Great Annies Adventure

NASHVILLE, TN — Leave it to Lonestar, Hippie and Holler Annie to
shake things up! The Pistol Annies are inviting their fans to join them
on the adventure of a lifetime. The Great Annies Adventure is a
comprehensive, first-of-its-kind interactive experience that empowers
the entire Pistol Annies community to participate in the excitement
leading up to the launch of their new album Annie Up on May 7.

The caper begins today when the Pistol Annies realize their gear,
merchandise and new music has been stolen by Cassius Banks, the
mysterious CEO of Vanilla Records, and his band The One Tones. The evil
and jealous antagonist is hoping to strip the Annies of their musical
abilities through sabotage. Pistol Annies only hope to foiling the evil
plot, is with the help of their on line community, The Henhouse.

Over four consecutive weeks, new chapters will be revealed to fans
through an interactive online graphic novel (a comic book), Pistol
Annies and the Case of the Stolen Gear, hosted on an innovative website
at PistolAnnies.com http://PistolAnnies.com.
Each week, they must work together to discover and use the clues hidden
in the story line and disclosed in real-time (via Twitter, Instagram,
Vine, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare, Path, Pinterest, and more) to
uncover the secret locations and literally retrieve the stolen gear!

Every time an actual item of the Annies is recovered by a fan,
exciting new merchandise opportunities and content are discovered and
unlocked for the entire online community. Items include vinyl records,
custom guitars, designer clothes from their photo shoot, personal
notebooks, exclusive video content and much more!

Each member of the Henhouse who physically finds a missing item will
receive the actual autographed one-of-a-kind item they found, with a
flyaway opportunity to literally join the adventure and help celebrate
the release of Annie Up at a once-in-a-lifetime Pistol Annies show in a
secret location.

To join the adventure, visit www.PistolAnnies.com
For more information follow: @holleranniePA, @lonestaranniePA, @hippieanniePA

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