Pioneer Music Museum

Pioneer Music Museum

We had a couple of visitors from Sarasota, Florida, for a
two-hour tour of the museum this past week.  Jim Canaday and his mom
came to see what the hullalaboo was all about.  They found it very
interesting, and left sizable donations in the donation jar.  Next week
we have 14 Red-Hats coming for a tour from the Griswold area. That
should be fun, except we don’t have chairs or an easy way to relax while
the tour is in progress.  We’ll do our best to accommodate them. 
They’ll not have lunch at the Weathervane because the café closes at
two, so they will stop somewhere on their way to us for a snack.  We
still haven’t resolved the leaking roof, though we have received several
donations, which we are very thankful for, to help find a way to get it
fixed.  We’ve not had that much rain, a little but not so much, so we
don’t have any more ceiling tiles falling down, but somehow we have to
find a way to get it fixed.  We also have part of the front façade
inching away from the building itself.  A couple more years at best
before it falls to the sidewalk.  Arlyn Lund and his son Rance have
taken on this project, and Arlyn showed me how he thought it easiest to
keep the façade attached to the building, and I thoroughly agree with
him, and thank him for taking on this responsibility.  We just really
need someone in the roofing business or someone that can help advise us
on this.  Being a musician all my life, I’ve never been very good at
this kind of stuff, so we are reaching out to our membership to find a
way.  Being a 501(c)3 non-profit we can give full value to any work done
on the building as a completely deductible tax write off.  If that is
of any interest, we can do the papers legally and make it work for
anyone who can fix the roof.  We still have some smaller leaks in the
Oak Tree Opry, but we think we have a guy who might be able to fix it,
if it would stop raining on a Monday which is the day he wants to
visit.  So far the past two weeks it rained on Monday.  We put a Michael
Martin Murphey display where Tommy Cash’s guitar used to be.  Of course
the low-life thieves took his guitar along with Patsy Montana’s.  As
you already know they took Johnny Cash’s harmonicas, Tom Swatzell’s
Dobro, and Maria Petersen’s zither.  What morons.  The zither really
doesn’t have much actual cash value.  The instrument is so hard to play,
it takes years to master even a simple tune.
Bob Everhart –

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