Pianos Become The Teeth “Wait For Love” my goal was just to write really interesting songs!

Band : Pianos Become The Teeth
Album : Wait For Love
VÖ : 16.02.2018
Label : Epitaph Records / Indigo
Website : www.pianosbecometheteeth.com

Become The Teeth have never been the kind of band who are easy to
distill into a simple soundbite and that’s more evident than ever on the
band’s fourth full-length Wait For Love, an album that sees the
Baltimore-based act reconciling their aggressive past with the
atmospheric turns of 2014’s Keep You. The result is a collection of
songs that eschews stylistic traps in order to focus on songwriting and
feels like a full-realization of what the band have only hinted at in
the past. The players—vocalist Kyle Durfey, guitarists Mike York and
Chad McDonald, bassist Zac Sewell and drummer David Haik—may be the same
this time around but their lives have continued to unravel and that
journey lies at the emotional core of Wait For Love, which is a creative
collaboration in the truest sense of the term.

“For Wait For
Love my goal was just to write really interesting songs that pushed us
forward as a band and allowed us to do something different than we had
ever done in the past,” York explains. In order to get out of their
comfort zone, the group isolated themselves in a cabin on the Eastern
Shore of Maryland for extended writing excursions and ended up with a
windfall of 30 songs by the time they entered the studio. Although
Durfey—whose wife had recently had a child—was absent at some of these
sessions, ultimately that event allowed the vocalist to approach Wait
For Love from a different perspective. “I had so much more time to sit
and ponder these songs and how I wanted to approach them,” he recalls.
“I think that changed by approach to vocals because it wasn’t this
immediate thing, it was more thought out.”

In order to capture
their vision the group once again joined forces with Keep You’s producer
Will Yip (Title Fight, Circa Survive) who acted like a sixth member
when it came to shaping these songs. “Working with Will made us a better
band as a whole because I think it helped us refine who we are and
think about how to approach this record in a different way than we would
have on our own,” York explains. That isn’t to say that Wait For Love
didn’t have its share of setbacks—mainly the fact that Haik experienced a
mysterious back injury a few days into the recording session—but even
those unexpected events ultimately contributed to the overall sound of
the album. “I think a goal of both of us and Will was to write solid
songs and not be afraid of being catchy while still sounding like Pianos
Become The Teeth,” Durfey explains.


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