Personal Christmas Message from The Roys

Lee’s daughters Alexis and Danielle.
Lee Roy (THE ROYS)
remember when I was a kid counting down the days ’til Christmas and
couldn’t wait to see what Santa had brought me.  Now that I’m grown and
have two daughters, Christmas has come full circle for me.  We honor the
same traditions that both my wife and I observed as kids, letting the
girls open one gift on Christmas Eve and then sit around the tree with
Christmas music playing until bedtime.  The kids get to open the rest of
their gifts on Christmas morning.
 Elaine Roy (THE ROYS)
at The Roy house has always been a wonderful time of year.  All my
memories include being with family, involve turkey dinners with all the
fixings, and of course music.  We were also always blessed that Santa
came to see us.  I remember one Christmas in particular when we went to
Canada to spend the holidays with my Mom’s side of the family, The
LeBlancs.  That year there was a tape recorder under the Christmas tree,
and I remember being so excited.  It was the very first time that I
could sing and then hear myself back.  It was so awesome.  The holidays
are a special time of year for us since we get to spend it with our
families and thank God for all the blessings that we have in our lives.

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