Peggy James – Nothing In Between

CD Review: Peggy James – Nothing In Between

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

  1. We Had To Meet
  2. X-Files
  3. An Hour With You
  4. Lover
  5. Nothing In Between
  6. Muscle Man
  7. Gotta Have A Love
  8. In One Ear (And Out The Other)
  9. Ghost
  10. Sound Of Your Wheels
  11. Fallen Snow
  12. I Wish You Well


‘Nothing In Between’ is a solo album written, produced, and released by singer-songwriter Peggy James on 29 June 2018. The album was an indie alternative contribution to the world of contemporary country music and is still very much worth mentioning and revisiting after celebrating its third birthday a few months ago.

The first two tracks ‘We Had To Meet’ and ‘X-Files’ share subtle similarities in terms of a blend of both two-and three-part harmony and differ when analysing the tempo and meter as the former is in 6/8 and the second drifts between a syncopated and straight 4/4 beat. ‘X-Files’ is mysterious song and takes you into a corridor of uncertainty along with an inclination to make its audience think of the word Extra-terrestrial in both the verse and chorus.

The romantic ballad ‘An Hour With You’ is stripped back instrumentally and adopts a more subtle, soothing, and remedial approach compared to the first couple of tracks on the album. ‘’All I’ve got left is this echo inside//I’d pay for an hour with you, just to lay on your bed while you sleep’’ is sure to continue bringing a tear to its audience’s eye for some time to come.

‘Lover’ has a slight increase of energy in the tempo and instrumentation – as it sees the return of an uncertain and mysterious tone which appears to be a recurring theme throughout the twelve track album. ‘’Where is the comfort of my lover?’’ is the final line that is sang by James at the end of the song which is a stark contrast to the previous song on the album.

‘Nothing In Between’ returns to a more gentle and romantic tone which would be perfect background music for a candlelit dinner with a lover, partner, or any other romantic activity for that matter. The name of the song is also the title of the album and appears to offer a brief overview of the album and how we can interpret its meaning.

Just like the title of the album, there doesn’t appear to any middle ground in between the songs. Although the music itself is soothing – the lyrics and the meaning fluctuate between idealizing romantic relationships and insecurity combined with a lack of reassurance. The album in many ways reflects the current era and ongoing situation around the world as many of us have been left reeling in the aftermath of the pandemic and relationships that been affected and temporarily put on hold for the foreseeable future.

Her most recent album to date ‘Paint Still Wet’ was released a year ago on 18 September 2020 and received a warm reception by her fans much like the ‘Nothing In Between’ album. Both albums can be found on all digital platforms including Apple ‎and Deezer. Stay tuned to Country Music News International for more reviews and release dates.

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