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PAT BOILESEN – Record Review Written Memories

PAT BOILESEN – Record Review Written Memories

Friend I Know You – Faded Gingham – Stallion
Canyon – Pickin’ Corn – Brenda’s Song – What Do You Do With A Cowboy
-Quilt of Life – Your Love Set Me Free – Goin’ To Grass – Sunday Mornin’
Comin’ Home – Star In The Window – Juicy Fruit Express – Can I Be A

     Pat Boilsen, known as “Nebraska’s Daughter” is one of the
most successful singer-songwriters in the upper Midwest of America.  She
has had several hits with her original songs, not the least of them
being “Prairie Fire” a song she wrote with and in the Michael Martin
Murphey style.  She performed with Murphey in 2012 at the annual
old-time country music festival in LeMars, Iowa.
     This particular CD consists of all originals by Ms.
Boilesen, but does not include her hit “Prairie Fire.”  It does however,
have her second most requested song “What Do You Do With A Cowboy.” 
This song too, has received considerable air play on those radio
stations that still play ‘real’ country music.
     The first song “Friend I Know You” is definitely one
that would be very popular in Europe.  Not only to listen to, but to
dance to. My own experience as a performer on many tours to Europe tells
me this particular CD would be the ‘foot in the door’ for Nebraska’s
Daughter.  Ms. Boilesen is not only a very gifted vocalist, she is also a
pro keyboardist, guitarist, and of course song writer.
     She makes her home in Albion, Nebraska, at the very
edge of the enormous Sand Hills.  This wide open space of isolated
existence has given her a very special ability to capture in a few words
what many can only dream of saying.  Her melody lines harken back to a
time when country music, even honky tonk, had a huge acceptance around
the world.  Given the opportunity, this CD would do again what country
music did so long ago.  Bring the listener back to a story telling
ability to not only reveal a great story but sing it in such a way that
anyone who hears it, knows exactly what the song is about.
     Pat Boilesen has had a remarkable journey with country
music.  Perhaps her most devastating experience was going so high in
the “You Can Be A Star” competition held in Nashville, Tenn.  It was all
the way to the top, and then at the end, someone else took it away. 
She wrote “Can I Be A Star” from that experience, and it is the same
story that thousands, hundreds of thousands, of country music hopefuls
have said, and wished they could have said.
     Backing on this particular CD is quite good, though
musicians are not listed.  Great keyboard, which no doubt is Ms.
Boilesen, along with terrific steel guitar, acoustic rhythm guitar and
occasional electric guitar leads.  No loud drums which impresses me
since modern country music is almost all drums. 
     Boilesen records for Ned Productions in Nebraska, and
some of her works have been released in other worldly locations. She is a
member of America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame, and she also
has had a number of her recordings reviewed, all in the positive.  Her
well earned title “Nebraska’s Daughter” is well known throughout the
upper Midwest, and her knowledge and strong feeling about ranching,
horse raising, racing, and pacing is well known throughout the area.  I
give this one a nice 5-star thumbs up, along with passing it along to
the Rural Roots Music Commission.

Bob Everhart

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