Hey Good Lookin’ – Bobby McGee – Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain – Crystal Chandeliers – Mockingbird Hill – Blame It On Your Heart – Blackboard Of My Heart – Waltz Across Texas – Loving Him Was Easier – Every Second Every Minute – Meet Misery – Barely Beatin’ Broken Heart – Pretty Words – You Belong To Me – Got A Hole In My Pocket – Daddy’s Hands – Guilty Heart – Lord I Hope This Day Is Good – Pioneer Country – We’re In This Together – Farewell Party
     I’m always happy to get something from Pat Boilesen from the Sandhills of Nebraska.  For a lot of upper Midwest people, this is the last hold-out for good old-fashioned ‘real’ country music.  Pat is known as “Nebraska’s Daughter” a deserved title.  One of her biggest hits from her past songwriting efforts is “Prairie Fire.” According to Pat, “The way weather is changing on planet earth, we may see more and more strange weather phenomenon taking place, not the least of them being prairie fires, especially in those areas that are going to turn into tinder boxes.”
     This particular CD is a gathering of songs that have over the years been very popular dance songs, whether it be in a local bar, the American Legion dance hall, or one of the big Nebraska ball rooms.  Pat likes to talk about her 15 years playing in a dance band called “The Country Troubadour.”  According to Pat, “Playing for a dance does not mean just getting up and playing whatever comes to mind!  No sir!  Dancers like their music to follow an order…3 slow tunes, 3 swing tunes, 3 waltz tunes, and a few mixers thrown in to keep it interesting.”  I believe that would certainly be true in the upper Midwest where Pat spent many of her music miles playing dance music for those who love it.
     Pat is first and foremost an incredibly gifted keyboardist, but she is also a very able guitarist.  She can play with a dance band, or hoof it as a solo act, equally at ease. She’s had ‘show biz” in her blood for a long time, never seeking out fame or fortune, but rather with a very strong desire to please people who like ‘real’ country music, and on this CD especially, those who still like to take a life-long partner to the dance floor for a twirl around the ball room or the kitchen table.  This one is a perfect ‘memory’ jogger that will take our Midwest folks right back to the days when they were young and full of romance.
     Pat just released this CD, so it is eligible for the Rural Roots Music Commission’s 2012 CD’s of the Year awards.  We have our fingers crossed.  In the meantime, don’t wait for that to happen, get your copy of this lovely lady’s road trip racking up miles and miles of dance music memories.
     It’s hard for me to pick favorites on a CD of this nature, simply because there is so much good music on it.  And so much variety, you know 3  slow, 3 swing, 3 waltz, and a few mixers thrown in to keep it interesting.  Be that as it may, however, I like Pat’s ability to write a good song, and “Pioneer Country” is a good one.  The only criticism I could possibly make is that “Lord I Hope This Day Is Good” is tracked, with just Pat’s voice on one channel, and all of the rest of the music on the other channel.  Not noticeable if you aren’t using stereo equipment.
ORDER CD’S DIRECT FROM: Pat Boilesen, 216 S. 7th, Albion, NE 68620
Bob Everhart

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