Pandemic Reopening Blues: Not! By Eileen Carey!

Pandemic Reopening Blues: Not!

The worst thing about the pandemic for me is not
knowing how to plan for the future, so I guess you have to create the future for

By Eileen Carey

The worst thing about the pandemic for
me is not knowing how to plan for the future. Keep my band sharp, keep myself
sharp. When I will be able to return to Nashville to finish my album, and
whether or not my recently cancelled September make-up date will ever put me in
front of Aaron Neville, or anybody in the for seeable future?





Let’s step
back for a moment. I have had the good fortune of developing a relationship
with talent buyer Zac Garfinkel of the Canyon Club, one of seven venues Lance
Sterling has opened and developed in recent years in Southern California, which
added a rare opportunity to Indie acts that they feel can open for their
headliners and successfully bring a developed brand and active followers to the

Since I have had the honor of
performing on their great club stages in front of great audiences, they have further
resurrected the legendary Saban Theater in Beverly Hills California, where I
shared a stage with Don McClean; the Canyon in Santa Clarita, the Canyon in
Montclair (which just cancelled the September 12th show), The Libbey
Bowl in Ojai, Starlight Bowl in Burbank, and the Oxnard Performing Arts and
Convention Center. All of which I believe can hold my Southern Californian fan

My fans bless me with extraordinary
loyalty. My shows are like a clubhouse party, but my fans are very interested
in all kinds of music, so I work very hard with Zac to get in front of those acts
that my fans would want to see along with me as well. Beside new audiences, I
get to learn from so many of the great veteran and classic acts of music.

Nelson, the Canyon Club, Agoura, September 16.2016

The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA,
where I shared the stage with Ricky Nelson’s kids Nelson, was my very first
show for Zac and Lance. It was in 2016 in Agoura Hills, and I knew that it was
a test of sorts. These spots are not easy to get. I wanted to get a slot in
Pasadena, at the Canyon at the Rose, across the street from the Convention
Center, so I took the date in Agoura Hills to show the booking people what I am
about. I have fans from all over California, so it turned out to be a huge
success and my band, led by John McDuffie, longtime Music Director and lead guitarist
for Rita Coolidge, were on their best! I got my date at the Rose! I have been there
for eleven times since 2017 and the above show that was twice cancelled with
Aaron Neville would have made the 12th. My third in 2020.

Tal Bachman
and the Guess Who the Rose in Pasadena, California, January 19, 201

My first appearance at the Rose in
Pasadena, California in 2017 actually perked the ears of the Entertainment
Editor at the Pasadena Weekly, a fan of mine for some years, and resulted in not
only myself getting a cover of the Weekly, but the venue getting its first
major story in the paper. And a cover story at that! The story pretty much
created a spot for me with their organization, and my band in any show that
caught my attention to date, and it has had the result of widening my footprint
with booking agents and the mainstream music industry.


Cover story in the
Pasadena Weekly 2017

 “Her opening slot for pop singer Tal Bachman on Jan. 19
at The Rose nightclub in Pasadena appeared to draw far more fans than Bachman
himself managed to attract, with the crowd of about 200 loudly roaring their
approval in multiple standing ovations.” Carl Kozlowski, Entertainment Editor,
Pasadena Weekly.

Jefferson Starship, the Rose, Pasadena, California, 8 pm,
February 7, 2020

last show of 2020 was at the Rose in February sharing the stage with Jefferson
Starship, who requested me, and whom I opened for in August of 2018. It was and
is an absolute thrill to be part of these show lineups that so many great music
artists are performing in. Building respect, and doing so from the inside out,
as I have, has created huge value and huge instruction as well. It is a great
opportunity to learn and to grow my audience as well.

Ambrosia, the Rose, Pasadena, California, 8 pm January 3, 2020        

Grass Roots, the Rose, 7:15 pm, Saturday, August 17, 2019


Wilson-Phillips, the Rose, Pasadena, Saturday 8
pm, June 8th, 2019.

Don Mclean, the Saban, Beverly Hills, CA, 8pm April 18, 2019

Albert Lee, the Rose, Saturday, 7 pm, March 23, 2019



Martha Davis and the Motels, the Rose, Dec. 22, 2018

Jefferson Starship, the Rose, Pasadena,
Saturday, August 18th, 2018, 7pm


Rita Coolidge, Pasadena, the Rose,
Saturday, July 14, 2018, 7pm


Peter Noone @the Rose, Pasadena, CA 8
pm January 18, 2018


Johnny Rivers, at the Rose, Pasadena,
CA, 8:00 pm, Thursday, November 17, 2017

CMNI (Country Music News International): What can fans
expect from a live Eileen Carey performance?

positive, up tempo and well, rehearsed set of melodic music and meaningful
lyrics. My lead guitarist and longtime music director John McDuffie has also
been Rita Coolidge longtime lead guitarist and music director as well, so fans
can expect a professional performance from us all. My fans are very vocal and
come to as many of my shows as they can reach.

Carey’s seasoned talent, her ability to consistently engage her fans, and
a real chemistry with her band members kept me entertained
throughout the night.”
 –  Heather Allen, Music Connection.

CMNI:  What is the
first thing that comes to mind when you step on s stage to perform?

EC:I’m home! I
think it is the best way to share one’s music. Live performance is still my
favorite way to reach and share my gifts. I really enjoy meeting people and
other musicians. I guess besides that the stage is where I feel most
comfortable and inspired, I think what a fun night I have in front of me. How
lucky I am to be able to do what I do, and bring so much joy to others. It is
thrilling to see and hear an audience share the night’s journey with others.

CMNI: What is the best part about being on stage in front
of an audience?

EC:It is the
place where I can really see what effect my music has on people.  Radio,
streaming success is great, but when you can feel like you are taking an
audience on your journey,

this pandemic year truly calls attention to is that when the going gets tough,
execute! Continue to work your game plan. Maintain your poise & focus.
Nothing ever stays the same. Good or bad. As frustrating as the circumstances
are, we have no choice in the matter, since any committed artist cannot be out
of the public’s antenna for too long! Therefore I am always working on a number
of new avenues, and I am definitely on the offense in areas that can be
approached differently. I released this really cool new single to radio called
“Keep Your Love To Yourself” and have been working on developing a virtual
performance. My lyric video for the new single should be released any day now,
and I am writing and recording new ideas.

there is no time to be blue when one can be of service to others, and I have
been involved in helping a good old friend of mine. Been upgrading areas of my
home and continue to be involved in my animal activism.

Guys, before you go, take a minute or two and give me a comment on about my very new single release, “Keep Your Love To Yourself” and
win an Eileen Carey merchandise pack, signed copy of the single and the
comments mentioned in our upcoming promotions!!

“Keep Your Love To


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